Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ever Changing World

My name is Overland Aimiti Afo and I am recomitting myself to blogging today. For a lot of reasons but the main one being the simple word of "change" and how it's impacted me recently. I'm about to turn 33 years old this Sept. 1, 2011 and I've come to a point in my life where I've found myself. I know what I want, definitely what I DON'T WANT and through it all how I've changed as a person & will change daily to become a better person. What I want through these random postings is to uplift & help all readers to be open to change. Why? Because I don't believe anyone can be truly happy in remaining the same or downgrading to a lesser person of who they really are & can become. Someone who is the best because they know they can be.

Is it easy to change? Nope! or more people would as we speak. But here's the beauty of it all or at least what I've discovered through the years. Change challenges you to see how strong you are to resist what's popular. Going against the crowd in order to pave your own road to success. The experience gives you a natural  adrenaline rush. Proving if you set a goal, aline your heart & mind to that goal & work at it with mighty faith in God. There isn't anything that can't be overcome or become yours  as an end result. If and when you decide to stop making the same stupid mistakes that can delay your change from Negative Bias into Positive Greatness.

  Never has  "CHANGE" meant so much to me before than it has today. Due to heartache but also the excitement of seeing others and myself triumph over daily weaknesses. That has last over more then half of my life. Giving me the gumption :) to express what's on mind.  That there was no way I could pass up this opportunity to start blogging again. I guarantee you my anxious readers lol aiga and friends. You will find grammaical errors, mispelt words and maybe an occassional angry post through my blogging. I'm imperfect like that as you will soon find out for yourselves. But past all that you will always discover honesty, realness (is that a word)lol and my heart through what I share. It's been said "You will discover a person's mind by what comes out of their mouths as they speak."  It's my hope that through my blogging you won't only discover my mind and my heart through what you read. But as flawed as I am you discovered that each of you at one point in my life inspired my change and still do. Because you love me I've always saught to be my best self to inspire you to reach your own goals. And with that said here is my beautiful family that I love with all of my heart. If your my follower there is no need for name details. Just know that these are the people who mold me into who I am & make me the person that you all love,respect and I'd have to say adore. lol@adore but credit truly goes to them No doubt.


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