Monday, August 22, 2011

Farewell Young Single Adult Life

Hello Mid-Single Adulthood.. lol So I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints based here in Slc,Utah. Otherwise known to the world as "Mormons" and just a brief history on that for those who care to know. Mormon is actually an ancient prophet in the Book of Mormon. That before the Book of Mormon was restored he existed in ancient record. So the world decided to nickname us "Mormons" because of convience for their sake to easily remember. But to be clear we are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints & Mormon was our prophet. For more info & FAQ's please visit to learn more. Alrightie on with my post now that we've had a brief history of Mormonism.

In our church we have certain programs & for my age group I've come to Mid-Single Adulthood. Prior I was a part of what is called Young Single Adults who strengthen each other in various ways. Age group starts from 18yrs-31yrs old. During this time we come to know ourselves,make friends that if lucky turn into bf/gf's that may lead up to eternal marriage. During this time period ysa's are in school, have careers, plan to serve missions or don't and many return from their service. But all in all we do our best to come to know Christ more fully, study the restoration of the gospel and serve our fellowmen & women to the best of our ability. So why talk about this now? Why am I still in this ward when clearly I will be 33yrs old in a couple of weeks?

Well in thinking about it now and looking over this past year. I can honestly say I never felt that I had a reason to leave. Because alot of it had to do with that I never looked at myself as old. And trust me a lot of people would comment hmmmm ova your old hello get out of that ward. Or eewwww you like younger men? What the? Your dating someone who is your cousins age? So many side comments like that that really didn't phase me. Because I NEVER follow or allow myself to listen to the crowd. Because it causes to much confusion & unneeded stress. And so I always know where my heart is & know that God knows me very well. That when I do make my choices. That may revolve into mistakes he & I work it out. Not me and anyone else. But the only who really loves me Heavenly Father who is my only source of happiness. We work it out & five years later I've found myself here in young adult life.

So with all that T.M.I(extra info)lol of why I've remained in one of the best wards ever Salt Lake 2nd Ward.
Yesterday marked my last time teaching in Relief Society. A class filled with women of our faith that help one another to get through life. It was bittersweet because everything I've gained over the 5 yrs I've been attending SLC 2nd. I discovered that I'm  leaving with so much more than I could've ever given. And it was most rewarding to think about that and I was grateful to get through my lesson. Without becoming a total emotional nutcase.. Cause that wouldn't have been good for anyone.. Crying ugly isn't the business or best look. And I'm far from crying a beautiful cry like J-lo off of "Wedding Planner" lol so I again was very grateful that I could testify one last time as a teacher to these wonderful sisters.
And I reflected on how I've grown and with all the knowledge I've gain how much more I will grow. As I prepare to apply everything in my new ward. Preparing me for the rest of my life of how to be more confident as a teacher. More willing to serve as a member of the church and one day when it's time. How to be a worthy spouse, loving mother & sister to all who will enter or re-enter my life. Bidding farewell to the best five years of my life and saying Talofa, Aloooooooha, Bula vinaka, Malo'e lelei, Hola & Hello to Adulthood. Will surely be an adventure in itself. But well worth taking on as now I know even more clearly my purpose. Fist pump in the air, right fist across my chest and head bent over exclaiming For the 2nd Strength & Honor.. ;) Blessed Assurance :) Forever grateful for such great people that I will never forget. For the 2nd!

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