Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Master's Voice

 Here it is 10:08pm on a Sunday evening August 28,2011 and it's been a very eventful day. I started it out kind of emotional but ending it on a very stable note. Today was the last Sunday I spent as a YSA
in our Salt Lake 2nd Ysa Ward. I was given the opportunity to bare my testimony & it was shorter than most times I've been given the task to do so. I used D&C 64:9-11 focused on forgiveness as a kick off. Then went onto speak about using our free agency more wisely in D&C 64:29.

 In order to help our ysa's to understand that we're all imperfect but we need to be more forgiving. Than to end off my testimony w/D&C 64:33-34 given to me by a friend. Moana Hafoka in which he'll be using as an ongoing theme for our ward. And it was than I realize looking into the crowd just how far I've grown in the last five years.  I couldn't have had a more perfect day than to end that meeting with great musical numbers. Heamasi M Mataele, Deisha Pasi, Tesa Moe acccompanied by Lisa Folau singing "The Master Voice" and it just sounded so beautifully their harmonies & conviction.. I was so grateful that they got to sing after baring testimony to our ward.

Just a few of the many things about Salt Lake 2nd that I will miss is the music. Not only in English but covering different languages. For instance Samoan,Tongan,Spanish through music. But added  
 languages offered in prayer. Like African, Portugese,Fijian etc. Just proof of how diverse we are as a human race. And the blessing it is to meet & learn from different cultures and people from all walks of life.
Well as the hour continued on & more testimonies were borne. The next musical number was a solo by Mr. Hans Joseph Fonoimona. He's the one to the left   <<<<<<<<< in the red coat.. And he sang "Never a better Hero" accompanied by Tania Brunt on piano.. Wow it was amazing not just because Hans a.k.a Chubby did a great job & that Tania is a terrific pianist. But when I first joined the church back in 90's. than later joined Divine Heritage Choir. I fell in love with "Never a better Hero" because at that time so much was going on in my personal life. I was searching for a real living human hero & failed in that search. But came to learn that Christ & Heavenly Father are & were always my hero's. Way before I joined the church that when Chubby sang that today. I knew for a fact Heavenly Father was saying "It's going to be alright Ova I'm still here." So growing up in a family of entertainers I really appreciated the music today.


Next class taught by Tevita Stevens came from 1Cor Chapter 2 in the Bible. Leading us into the fact that as a gospel we need to be united. One mind,heart and purpose & President Osborne shared Joshua 1:9 & that was just more edifying than anything. To be totally cheerful no matter the circumstance.
Then Manu Fifita below right picture in the cream shirt taught Relief Society. Her testimony was based off Elder Bednar's talk "Receiving Personal Revealation" it was an emotional hour. Being that it was my last hour & I had a dinner scheduled right after.

Leaving   no time to mingle with everyone. Which I was fine because I had done enough crying to last week or more. And if any of you have ever had a real good cry. The aftermath of it is exhaustion & all you want to do is sleep for days. So it kind of felt like how as I'm blogging & there is an ongoing thunderstorm going on out side.
Manu's 10 steps of receving personal revealation. Meaning personal direction & action from Heavenly hit like lightening  & just made sense.

  1. Prepare to ask for it.
  2. Exercise Faith in what your asking for at all times.
  3. Search the scriptures you won't know him unless you do. And because you don't know him you wouldn't be comfortable in asking for anything cause you don't know him. So now is the time to search after him & claim what he has promised for you.
  4. Ponder don't be impulsive when you receive your answer. But make sure you study it out.
  5. Be obedient-Use repentance as a outlet to be better so you can be effective
  6. Covenant- is a promise you keep w/the Lord & don't go back on your word
  7. Fast- Which shows Discipline Humility & keeps the focus on others not you
  8. Sacrifice- it's not to given so you can tally what you think you earned. But done to show true discipleship
  9. Paying attention to Church & Temple attendance going & not overlooking the importance of why you should.
  10. And pray.. whatever you do just pray & keep the lines open to God. He loves you no matter what you do. He just wants you to do the right thing in order to return to him.
Doraleen Levao is second from the right and has been one of my best friends. And I say best because even when I turned out to be less than that she's never wavered in the love she has for me. Or at least never to my knowledge has she but again it wouldn't be any of my business if she was so in ending out Relief Society. She bore her testimony & she's the Relief Society President & it was the cherry on top of a perfect ice cream banana split. I loved it & love her with the rest of our Relief Society sisters of Salt Lake 2nd.
Some of our sisters after F.H.E
Our Shirts from our Baseball Team
Our Ward @ "Love Season is In Progress" Ball
Jessica & I @ RS combined Birthday w/So Stk YSA
And John & I off to the dance ....

So these were just a few memorable moments of my YSA life in Salt Lake 2nd. The evening ended up spending time w/Brother & Sister John & Jackie Sudbury. Feeling of their love over dinner & their constant reminder not to dust them under the rug & forgetting them. And I told them just like Salt Lake 2nd that would never happen ever. I hear the Master's Voice, I will take on the call & waiting for Prince charming is no longer a drag. Because I know he's taking care of me because I'm his daughter my loving Heavenly Father knows best for sure. I hear the Master's Voice :)

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