Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Poetic Justice

I love writing hence is why I started blogging. But my outlet from the world has always been journal writing & poetry. I've come along way & try not to drag out my poems. But through my blogging expect to find random or blogs of blogs of poetry. Again it's my outlet but most of the time it's just me trying to express myself. Their copyrighted so don't be stealing my creations claiming their yours. Cause one I will sue you lol and two your welcomed to jot them & share them. But again don't be tryna say you were the writer when in reality you were just a sideline spectator. Aightie here we go!

          Dream Lover

Ask for what you want
Never settle for less
Your being a bit picky sister
Your aging like wine
Above all there's no doubt
Your the sweetest but of course
But don't you think your time is running out?
You'll soon be all alone
Is it really wise to pass every suitor
And sweat over mackroons!
He will Profess His Love

My man he's out there
There's no need to worry or fret
I know he's coming soon sis
Loneliness is no longer my fear.
I know you want me to have what you have
Children to care for
Children of my own
A spouse to greet in & out 
Each passing moment day & night.

But I tell you he's coming
This man I've dreamnt of since our youth
He's preparing carefully
Making sure everythings in place
That when we are both ready
We will soon after be introduced.

Protect our Family

I'm sure of it
More than ever before
It's best if I wait patiently
Soon enough my dream lover
He'll arrive and when he does
We'll all know his delay
Wasn't a form of neglect
But rather of time put
Towards preparation he used.

By Overland

   Searching out to Provide a Union that only God could complete in perfect harmony creating a dream to become one reality. My eternal mate is near & soon over the horizon shall find me.

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