Friday, September 30, 2011

Best SistahFrenz

SisterFrenz.. What does that mean? Well my own definition is a female that possess all the traits of a friend. But loves you like a sister & tells you what you need to hear not always what you want to hear. So naturally I would begin this blog introducing one of my bestest of the best sisterfren. Mz. Tatiana Skipps from Southern California. But before you get comfortable & have to reach over for a tissue. Cause you just might need it with my hallmark post on Mz.Tatiana aka kaki. I have to be honest in why I'm posting. We have a yearly joke between us during General Conference. Me: "So I'll see you this weekend right?" Tati "No I can't come for whatever reason she tries to make up. Me: "Whatever just call me, see you friday."  99.99% of the time she usually finds herself right where I tell her. Here in Utah during general conference and this year I wasn't going to let up about teasing her again. And earlier this week here were her words via fb. (kaki of course I'd save,copy & paste it on my blog)

Tatiana hello. hi. haye. howdy. hola. howzit. hubbabubba. hulabula. here's to the sistership!!! ♥ call me..cuuuuuz i won't be there this weekend...lurve u
Overland Aimiti Afo EsperanzaPooja hahahaha I'll be sure to call you when you land..hahahaha love ya sister of the travelling g.conferencehood..hahahahahaha
September 26 at 6:34pm ·

      • Tatiana Skipps Uhmmm k guess I won't talk to u til u pay for my ticket!! Haha fa real September 26 at 7:39pm ·  
      • Overland Aimiti Afo EsperanzaPooja Tatiana Skipps good moring so I guess you didn't need my hookup after all..bahahahaha Just in case you forgot the words you should be eating right hahahaha I crack myself up.. Thanks for the g.conference luv ya .. Ala luga!!! before you hit something...bahahaha

  • Fast forward to today long story short she should be here around 3am or later. Just goes to show. Sometimes you just know your best sisterfrens better than they know themselves. Especially the fia'poko ones.hahahaha So at the end of this blog I wanted to capture how much kaki means to me. By posting some of our many pictures taken over the years. Can't lie, we love the camera. I think me more than
    Well when we first met many moons ago I thought she was a lil "off her rocker".. So much energy,speech was faster than speed dial or a hot ride on furious five and her bluntness wasn't very warming lol. And as time passed by & we grew closer as friends. When she decided to  move here to Utah. To live on her own it was an adventure to say the least. Going to ysa dances, hating on guys that wouldn't step up their game,  getting over crushing on the same guys, bollywood nights at emily's house w/leen and finding forgivness over little annonyances we both held for one another. Our sisterhood got stronger.
    More years passed on & with daily conversations about life living in separate cities,goals and aspirations we were both trying to reach. I grew to miss having my best sisterfren living here in Utah. Especially during the ending out my time as a ysa in slc 2nd ward. Because people usually like to label me as being either too "sensitive" or a "drama queen".lol
    But in the company or talking it over with tati whenever. She'd balance that out and would help me, so I wouldn't sweat the small stuff.
    Many have teased us & said we have a "Love Hate" relationship. Because we know what buttons to push over the other person. But what I'm grateful for is that it's not at all how I would describe our bond. I would said it's more of a "Sisterly Alofa" that we share. Tati reminds me of my very first best friend Min Hee Kim from Cali. They know the real me & due to their gifts & talents. They've both made me a better SisterFren. Just the fact that tati knows exactly how I am & knows when to give & when to kick back.. I am truly blessed to have her in my life.
    Grateful for the early General Conference Present that my best friend will be arriving into town soon. I told you sooo kaki hahahahaha See ya in the morning :) 2011 Oct Conference Ova wins!lol sushi pls


  • Thursday, September 29, 2011

    O's Favorite Things

    Sorrry to disappoint you all but no this isn't Oprah's favorite things. And as you have guess it your not going to win anything.. Not even a magazine from the But at least your come to a greater knowledge about what are my favorite things.. What a prize I know! lol So let's start off with the beautiful people of India. A couple of years back my best friend Tatiana Skipps got a few of us sisters hooked on "Bollywood Movies" there version of "Hollywood" but with indie directors,actors,music all in subtitles. And of course I fell in love with them because the majority that we saw were & are "Chic Flick" types..

     I'm a sucker for drama & romantic comedy. Obviously whether I understand the language or not. Some deem us crazy & waste time for watching these movies. But when something so cultured & lovely reaches out to you. Then it'd be foolish to turn away from it. Anyway these two are a few of my favorite Bollywood actors Kajol & Sharukhan..
    You should become a fan! I hear the asian films are just as good. I have yet to explore those too :)

    Wednesday, September 28, 2011

    Priceless Birth

                                                                  I was going to save this blog til Nov.14, 2011. Which is my youngest brother Tuifuiola's birthday. But after seeing that link to the left of your screen.
    Which was on my sister Ane's blog.
     I couldn't help but post my feelings today
    about Tui.
    Tui was born premature and wasn't expected to live. His diagnosis was that he had cerebral palsy.
    Cerebral palsy is a group of disorders that can involve brain and nervous system functions such as movement, learning, hearing, seeing, and thinking.
    Ther are several different types of cerebral palsy, including spastic, dyskinetic, ataxic, hypotonic, and mixed.
    Tui has a shunt in his head. Which is a metal plate that has tubes that help his fluids to flow in order for him to keep those fluids out of his brain.

    Causes, incidence, and risk factors

    Cerebral palsy is caused by injuries or abnormalities of the brain. Most of these problems occur as the baby grows in the womb, but they can happen at any time during the first 2 years of life, while the baby's brain is still developing.
    In some people with cerebral palsy, parts of the brain are injured due to low levels of oxygen (hypoxia) in the area. It is not known why this occurs.
    Premature infants have a slightly higher risk of developing cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy may also occur during early infancy as a result of several conditions, including:
    And though tui has had & continues to have countless surgeries, can't walk and doesn't speak fluent english. He is our family miracle and does so much for us in other ways..
     I often refer to him as the glue that keeps our family from
    falling apart. But rather sticking together.
    He's taught us patience,selflessness,unconditional love. Tui makes us laugh when he's annonyed by any of us. Or when he's trying to attack me when I won't let him get his way. Oh and how he can sing. Loud,soft and melodies that everyone mimics to give him attention. Tui loves to sing especially when we're into a movie or dead asleep in the middle of the night. Though he comes with alot of work. He is a living testament that no matter what trials he suffers physically. He's a fighter and spiritually he increases our abilities to think of him first. So we don't turn out as self-absorbed as we could be if he weren't alive. 
    I have a special love for each of my siblings.Teuila,Roy and Rocky and there isn't anything I wouldn't do for any of them. But Tui..
     He's the sibling that refines me & reminds me to appreciate everything I'm able to do on my own. And I've said it before & will never stop saying it.
    Because of King Tui his nickname we dubbed him. Anyway because of Tui.
     I am only going to be that more exceptional
    as a mother. The blessing of caring for him all these  years along side the rest of our family.
    Will never be considered a burned to me.
    But the very opposite a priceless gift from Heavenly Father. How blessed are we? Very blessed that we could ever inherit such an angel like Tui. That we can call brother.
    Love you so much too Happy Super Duper 
    Early 19th Birthday! 

    Tuesday, September 27, 2011


          It's General Conference

    And here we have the opportunity to hear from our prophet & apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And once again I've found myself having to "heal" from being sick again. But this time I'm truly grateful for this experience. My last post was of my crazy looking face. All of the pain I was feeling & am still trying to recover from patiently. But I'm so grateful today for good doctors,staff & health care that got me feeling better. I'm not a hundred percent yet. However through this "lesson learned" I've come to appreciate the love of a mother like mine. That drives me absolutely nuts at times (Ms.Florence Sua) hmmm 99.9% of the time. But whenever in need she always pulls through with so much charity & unconditional love that none of us really deserves.
     I love my goofy brothers king Tui,Sea,Rocky,Roy, Vice aka Vainiu and Damein that keep me laughing. Even though I just finish crying over my pain. With their side cracks & making light of everything. I can always depend on them for a good laugh. Even if their laughing at me. :)

    What great examples for my heartbreaking nephews. Lil Rock & Kengike that are so loud in the middle of my resting time. And in the mist of lecturing them. Their blank stares say it all. As if their saying hmmm
     "Oh Auntie get over it."

                                              Onto my lil niece rochelle visiting & keeping a tight lip. At each of my  scoldings.
    For not being nice to her cousins. I promise she's probably like "Arrrgh whatever" but obedient none the less.
    She's growing up so fast & I'm proud to call her my mini-me. Even if Teuila is her favorite

    Speaking of which, a sister that keeps it real 24-7. Never sugarcoating anything. "Teuila is my swelling going down?" "Hmmm Yah your face still looks big." hahaha couldn't have asked for a stronger sister than Teuila. A blessing in our lives that doesn't get enough recognition for all that she does for us.
    And last but not least my dad Loi Afo.
    A man that no matter what I'm doing with my life. He still trys his best to instill in me hope. That I can do anything if I'd just do something. The love provided from such a strong will man. I love him more than he can even imagine. My loving parents as imperfect as they are & as I am to them. Their always there to heal my heart. Their always there to set us straight. And that's the point of my blog. Not to brag about my family or point out anything in particular. Except how much we love one another. 
    And that it doesn't matter how many disagreements we have or how many times 
     we've disappointed one another.
     I love these individuals & many more who haven't been mention. Because in the grand scheme of things they always help my healing process. They always show up and love me regardless of how much I mess up.
     I love you family!
    I pray that your family is just as loving as mine. catch General Conference @ for list of locations & boardcasting. And it's been said in preparing to watch it. Have a question you want to have answered, pray that you get that answer & at least one or all of the talks will answer your question.

    I won't be able to attend the "Common Kings" concert this weekend. Because of swollen face lol So enjoy my jam & pls we're still accepting donations for Fano. :)

    Monday, September 26, 2011

    From Picture Perfect to HeartBroken Realizing the Bigger Picture is God fixes Broken People & Thangs

    Have you ever had the chance to look or feel like Will Smith?? From this scene out of one of his hit movies Hitch?
    If not your one lucky cookie.
     Cause unfortunately I have.. :)
     After our final fundraiser on behalf of Fano this past weekend. We were on our way home & I popped open an orange soda. Bad move! Because that set off a pain in my
    mouth that I thought was gonna kill me. Turning me into a grown crybaby. If you could've witnessed the pain. You'd understand how hooked one can get to prescription drugs. lol Which in a matter of about five hours. I was a total junkie. Thinking what was a mild tootahe has actually turned into a painful infection. Gross I know!

    But not as gross as this photo of me above.
    And no that's not some special computer effect or enhancement.. :(
    It's my verison of Will Smith on "Hitch"
    but with my swollen mugshot.
    Not very forthcoming or attractive is it? If I land a date over that flick. Than I'll be really  But here's the point & lessons I learned from this self-inflicted pain.
    1. Right Choices made sooner prevents unnecessary pain later.
    2. Faith and Works have to be equal to gain miracles. There can never be room for doubt.
    3. Prayers are answered but doesn't mean pain will be lifted at every offer plea.Travelling on narrow & straight is a test.
    Will we blame God or praise him in our pain.
    I cried like a little 5yr old this past Saturday night. Awaiting the meds to do it's magic.
    Dying for a priesthood blessing that came later from my brother Vainiu Afo. Then the next morning a health blessing, from our priesthood leaders from my new ward. I threw tantrums through prayer to get the pain to be lifted, begged for forgiveness for the pain I felt I didn't deserve & then rebegged for healing. (humbled again that I did this to myself, no one else was to blame but me)
    And though I can't see a doctor until tomorrow and my face is still swollen. As if someone has punch me or something. Even that & now haven ate more pills than food. I know by this experience. That though not everything in life is picture perfect all the time. And we don't have all the answers to why? why not? or the why me's? No matter how painful the trial. When endured with an optismtic attitude & "pay it forward" service type of outlook. The pain does become more barable to carry & God cures everything that we are suffering. Even when we are at the most whiny,hardheaded, hard hearted selves that we often choose to be. On his time he heals us. Perfect Picture or not!
    When we take a minute to relax. 
    Allowing the focus to adjust
    to the image we're facing.
    Only than will we see the Bigger Picture
    from God's perspective.  He is there! He hasn't forgotten any of us!
    So don't forget him rain or shine!

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    Thursday, September 22, 2011

    Undoubt My Unbelief

    I don't know you like they do
    But I want too
    I haven't served you as long
    As they have
    But in my own little way
    I really do try too..
    Could you ever love someone like me?
    Someone that's been scared & left behind
    To fen for herself.
    Attacked by unrighteous judgements
    Even by those who call themselves
    Your saving angels
    Can I redeem some credit
    From you?
    Am I worthy of your healing wealth?
    Lord do you think you have room enough
     for a sinner like me?
    In your manisons above
    could my presence
    by your side, could it ever be concieved?
    Now remember I told you
    I don't know you like they do
    But if you give me a chance
    I will try harder
    Try longer just for you.
    If you'd but point out the way

    Please show me what to do
    Where to go & how to start
    Where to begin believing in you..
    Then came his voice
    As he began to say
    "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.  For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light"
     (Matt. 11:28-30).
    And I heard him clearly & pressed forward
    in relief
    Swiftly ushered into his arms
    Renewed again
    No longer shun from his reach.
    Christ lifted me with his word
    Atoning mercy I found
     Finally encircled by his love
    His yoke eased my burden
    Before I could utter a sound.
      No longer trapped by grief
    The moment his voice
     Released me from my sins
     Silencing my pride
    Making me whole again
    from my every doubt
    Freeing me from foolish unbelief.
    ~Overland Afo~

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    I just don't know

    What to do with

    And no this has nothing to do with my blog
    Rather tonight it's all about my love of music.
    Tonight I was able to watch X-Factor for the first time.
    A talent show in search of stars. I write songs as
    a hobby & so lyrics are everything to me.
    Then the accompany music to any songs
     is what locks me in as a listener.
    They must have true content first 
    & then the outter package
    is what does it for me. :)
    Obvious with my blog musiq playlist.

    Anyway I often feel like Cameron Diaz
      shown above in "My Best Friend's Wedding."
    Speaking on my own singing abilities.
    And I'm not even being modest, trussssst me..
    Jennifer Lopez said it best in "Wedding Planner."
    "Those who don't wed.. Plan!" In my case 
    "Those who can't sing (the way they'd like)
    But like everything else I'm working on my
    So tonight  The X Factor - Melanie Amaro an 18 yr old girl that sang Beyonce's-Listen.
     Oh man she was so tight & reminded
    me of my sisters.
    That when they have "sang" in the past
    for me.
    Their hearts were always in it.
    If not I'd harass it out of them every
    time. So onlookers would be left in awe.
    To hear what I'd always enjoy hearing
    from my sisters. Doing their thing.
    Ya! I push becuz they can do it!
    And yes I said sang! Not sing!
    Cause anyone can attempt to sing..
    But to really "sang" & "sang w/heart" that
    takes pure "conviction" & soul.
     Mycal Alo would always try
    to drill that "conviction"
     into our choir.
    Pushing for it because
    an audience only cares about what they
    feel from a performance or talent.
    Nothing else...
    Which is what Rena,Tirae,Vivian,Tasi,Omi
    and countless others could do.
     And would do each time they'd
    grab a mic to "sang".
    Enjoy "fortunate" this group
    is amazing. Youtube them :)
     Another Beyonce favorite :)

    Tomorrow kicks off our Utah fundraisers
     for Fano.
    Don't forget him & pls come support!
     check his wife's blog for updates

    Wednesday, September 21, 2011

    My September Blog Honorable Mentions

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    I'm going to just admit it! I am a blogaholic. And I'm only admitting to it .Cause just this morning  my baby sister Teuila  says to me, "You should just sleep on the computer already." Implying I'm always on it. lol I was like hello "I just woke up."  Midthinking to myself as she was clowning. Hmmmm what should I blog on next. While camping on facebook at the same time 9:30am..hahaha I can't help myself.. I just love writing,editing, adding things to my own blogs. And then learning & reading from other peoples blogs.. Anyway point is you'll be hearing or seeing alot of my blogs in your dashboard feed. It might be annonying but then again it might not. If it does become too much to handle. I promise I won't be offended if you take me off your *chanting quietly please don't delete me! pls dont!* hahaha I promise I do have a life outside of blogging. But I just always seem to find the time to blog. A bit of a maddwoman I know! haha Enjoy my blogs while they last. Cause all good things do come to an end. (totally patting myself on the back)lol But when this does end cause of work & school.(crossing my fingers) I'm positive you'll wish I could flood up your feed. Just so you can have a good laugh. Or my personal hopes are that you, become inspired in one way or another. (fo'reo)

    Well these are my honorable mentions for the month of Sept. The following blogs written by beautiful, intelligent, faithful women. Hope their stories enlighten your lives.
     Beginning with my young sisterfren Leva Mataele. Who beautifully wrote the following blog. Go ahead click on each titled blog by these writers. Hopefully their blog settings don't block u.
     Triple, Double,Single.......ugh...yeah... I'M STILL SINGLE!!
     It was funny to read over this blog. It  explores the idea & realities of being single. What a rollercoaster of emotions it can be to being in "young love" . I couldn't help but remember having the same concerns she has today, were what I had when I was her age. More certain than ever before. Love does come. It may take awhile but love does come. Even when we doubt it as a young adult in our mid-twenties, early thirties or fifity plus. in search of that sort of relationship. Love is sure & it does come. (Just saw an ad for singles 50+) Even at that age love does come. Crossing my fingers I don't have to wait that much longer. hahaha But if I do I'll just have to work with it. But patience is required & faith is a must exercised rule of thumb. Keeping me in check that love is a necessary application while waiting.  God first ,self then others in that order, everything does tend to fall into place. So I choose Leva's blog this month because it allowed me to remember my youth. And that its better to count ones blessings rather,  than counting  what's missing  in ones life.You'll just go crazy if you stress over what's not yours. What's not yours YET ! Steering clear from having feelings of entitlement . A dangerous emotion to hold onto which should be avoided at cost. Here's to looking forward with hope!

    Lilika Funaki is related to two of my favorite people in the whole wide world. Lila Funaki Paongo & Kolo Funaki. Their younger brother Inoke Funaki is Lilika's husband. So that's a partial connection to how I became Lilika's blog follower. A.k.A "Blog Stalker" Please  judge me! lol Her writings might just turn you into one of her "Blog Stalkers" too. That's If you aren't already someone else's "Blog Stalker"..hahaha I have to laugh cause it would be a "Funaki"  connection that would have me openly admit to such a title. Thanks lilika! :)
      Anyway I came across her blogs through my sister/cousin [Leta Lately] (maybe the blame should be place on leta instead)lol eh so I  noticed  Funaki Times on Leta's bloglist . I proceeded to Lilika's "about her" and these two blogs Holiday & Open House & Wise Kisses had me hooked.. A step forward from sister/fren Leva's "young love" blog. Into Lilika's example of what "real love" looks like & can be. Her blogs magnify how to live outloud,happily testifying of gospel principals & how to stick by your spouse. I admire 
    how she can express herself directly,entertaining & short. I'm a longwinded writer as you all have noticed. But I'm getting better just by reading up on Funaki Times by Lilika!  Her blogs are sweet! Noting that no matter what is going on in the world everyone can endure &

    And talk about BOUNCE BACK! After reading Blessing from Heaven by my sister/cousin Lusi under  My Life Blog. Sidenote that's Leta's older sister. Well lusi's blog got me thinking about young married couples. How they have to be a team in any circumstance. Win or Lose moments, Win Win triumphs  and everything in between that's called life. I've known of many people that have loss children in their lives. And it's the most heart wrenching experience to witness love ones go through. Lusi went through it, my best friends have gone through it & even my own brother 2nd to the youngest  Rocky has felt that pain.Being single myself & never have had the blessing to give birth to a child. I couldn't even imagine what it would take to get through something like that at all.
    Reading over Blessing from Heaven gave me a tiny glimpse of what Lusi & many others have had to endure. And I just know if I ever have to experience that test. I'll know just who to turn to for strength. And it's my knowledge of the gospel that leads me to believe that these children will be waiting for their amazing parents. That these parents test wasn't a punishment. Not at all!  Rather this test was a blessing of hope. That their children are so valiant that they'd have to return to Heavenly Father immediately. To continue his work on the otherside. Lusi being the perfect motherly example to take on such a blessing. Motivating me more to trust Heavenly Father within my own trials. Never to allow any experience to shake my faith in him. GIVING UP ON HIM OR LIFE will NEVER BE AN OPTION. No matter the trial or pain!

    Leva,Lilika and Lusi my Sept. Blogger Honorable Mentions. Hope each of you can be just as inspiring as these  wonderful women. You never know who your motivating! KEEP BLOGGING ALIVE! :) 

                              Here's My Jam for the Hour!lol