Monday, September 5, 2011

27 Dresses

  "Any fool can have a trophy wife.
It takes a real man to have a trophy marriage."

          ~Diane Sollee                                               
On Sept 2,2011  I participated in being in  yet another wedding line. That's my partner Joe Soi above & I trying not to fall off the Now don't get me wrong.  I love the
thought of someone having even the desire to ask or even want me to be in their line. Better yet to celebrate their special day with them. However when Nai Tuumotooa asked me to be in her line. I had my reservations. Only because it was my birthday weekend, I was broke and I felt there could be so many other girls that could take my place. I just thought backing out wouldn't be a big deal. Especially  since  Nai is half Tongan/Samoan & a.k.a  Ms. Cleo  wouldn't have a problem with it. lol

 But at the end Nai won lol and we proceded to prepare for her blissful celebration. As you can see there were plenty of people out to express their love for Nai & Ben. And I met a couple of cool people. Virignia Maene, Fale and Joe Soi. To top off the evening w/getting to chill with Hinckley Vaisigano. Laughing & catching up on life cause we're both headed in different directions in our lives. So that was pretty neat. I  ran into The Molifua Sisters, Ula Toa, Starr, Lulu Leka & her parents. And it felt like a mini reunion. Nai's husband Ben is from Cali & they had a ring ceramony at Salt Lake 2nd Ward. I know I know.. I can't stay away from my old stomping However at least I had a good reason in being back at the ward house.
Anyway she looked beautiful  & was happy. The rest of the night was entertainment, running into more old friends & a night filled with laughter & dancing.
Remembering marriage isn't a comittment to jump in so you can jump out. At the first sign of challenge or discomfort. But is an agreement to work together for all time & eternity. It's not how you start that really matters (Though Temple Marriage is ideal when you comit to being an LDS Member) but what I learned that day. Was it's where you end up & that your hand in hand together forever. And when you set your sight & feet to entering the Temple of the Lord. All things will work itself out. And a couple will find that their  more in love with one another. Than when both parties agreed to come together as one. True Love to be manifested again as ONE!

More shots of us outside the reception & my single pose at the wedding dance.

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