Friday, September 30, 2011

Best SistahFrenz

SisterFrenz.. What does that mean? Well my own definition is a female that possess all the traits of a friend. But loves you like a sister & tells you what you need to hear not always what you want to hear. So naturally I would begin this blog introducing one of my bestest of the best sisterfren. Mz. Tatiana Skipps from Southern California. But before you get comfortable & have to reach over for a tissue. Cause you just might need it with my hallmark post on Mz.Tatiana aka kaki. I have to be honest in why I'm posting. We have a yearly joke between us during General Conference. Me: "So I'll see you this weekend right?" Tati "No I can't come for whatever reason she tries to make up. Me: "Whatever just call me, see you friday."  99.99% of the time she usually finds herself right where I tell her. Here in Utah during general conference and this year I wasn't going to let up about teasing her again. And earlier this week here were her words via fb. (kaki of course I'd save,copy & paste it on my blog)

Tatiana hello. hi. haye. howdy. hola. howzit. hubbabubba. hulabula. here's to the sistership!!! ♥ call me..cuuuuuz i won't be there this weekend...lurve u
Overland Aimiti Afo EsperanzaPooja hahahaha I'll be sure to call you when you land..hahahaha love ya sister of the travelling g.conferencehood..hahahahahaha
September 26 at 6:34pm ·

      • Tatiana Skipps Uhmmm k guess I won't talk to u til u pay for my ticket!! Haha fa real September 26 at 7:39pm ·  
      • Overland Aimiti Afo EsperanzaPooja Tatiana Skipps good moring so I guess you didn't need my hookup after all..bahahahaha Just in case you forgot the words you should be eating right hahahaha I crack myself up.. Thanks for the g.conference luv ya .. Ala luga!!! before you hit something...bahahaha

  • Fast forward to today long story short she should be here around 3am or later. Just goes to show. Sometimes you just know your best sisterfrens better than they know themselves. Especially the fia'poko ones.hahahaha So at the end of this blog I wanted to capture how much kaki means to me. By posting some of our many pictures taken over the years. Can't lie, we love the camera. I think me more than
    Well when we first met many moons ago I thought she was a lil "off her rocker".. So much energy,speech was faster than speed dial or a hot ride on furious five and her bluntness wasn't very warming lol. And as time passed by & we grew closer as friends. When she decided to  move here to Utah. To live on her own it was an adventure to say the least. Going to ysa dances, hating on guys that wouldn't step up their game,  getting over crushing on the same guys, bollywood nights at emily's house w/leen and finding forgivness over little annonyances we both held for one another. Our sisterhood got stronger.
    More years passed on & with daily conversations about life living in separate cities,goals and aspirations we were both trying to reach. I grew to miss having my best sisterfren living here in Utah. Especially during the ending out my time as a ysa in slc 2nd ward. Because people usually like to label me as being either too "sensitive" or a "drama queen".lol
    But in the company or talking it over with tati whenever. She'd balance that out and would help me, so I wouldn't sweat the small stuff.
    Many have teased us & said we have a "Love Hate" relationship. Because we know what buttons to push over the other person. But what I'm grateful for is that it's not at all how I would describe our bond. I would said it's more of a "Sisterly Alofa" that we share. Tati reminds me of my very first best friend Min Hee Kim from Cali. They know the real me & due to their gifts & talents. They've both made me a better SisterFren. Just the fact that tati knows exactly how I am & knows when to give & when to kick back.. I am truly blessed to have her in my life.
    Grateful for the early General Conference Present that my best friend will be arriving into town soon. I told you sooo kaki hahahahaha See ya in the morning :) 2011 Oct Conference Ova wins!lol sushi pls


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