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Blessed Updates

It's been an eventful week and I've been doing pretty good on contolling my blogging updates. But since you all know we're working hard at fundraising for Fano Galeai. I couldn't pass up the chance to holla "FANO'S OUT OF ICU!". Just yesterday was when he was moved. His wife pume's update for us. So we're so excited & happy for them. However he still has alot of recovering to accomplish. Pls Read ASAP! Help!  <<< Click on that link at anytime. It will continue to pop up on future blogs.  So that we can gain your support & that he's always receiving prayers & donations from each of you. Thank you so much! Love you Fano!
Funny story! So last night one of my sisterfrens Maxine facebooks me this comment. "Hey sis I just boarded a train w/these Asian guys & thought of you." Anyone who knows me well enough. Knows I have a soft heart for Asian people.
 At least for the ones I've met throughout my life. I've come to admire their
 hardworking ethic, discipline for order & quiet dignity. The Asians I consider family
are very funny,dedicated & educated.
Planting seeds of my great passion for other cultures. And amoung my siblings & cousins our ongoing family joke has always been. "Ova's going to marry herself either a Tongan,Asian or Meauli." All because growing up in Carson, California we were exposed to a fairly large Meauli community.  Then shortly there after moving to Gardena, California
was where I formed strong ties to my Asian best friends.
<><><><> <><><><>

Thai during my mission
 in L.A. back in 2002-2003
since then I've just found myself
attached to these two races & people.
 I just admire them so much and
have gain the best friendships due to these encounters .  It wasn't until we moved to Utah
 that we were introduced to Tongan people.
 Because prior we were only  familiar with who Samoans, Hawaiians & other Pacific Islanders were. Sad to admit not realizing that our uncles Frank Fauolo & John Mapu
were married into Tongan families.
 Just thinking if we didn't understand
what they were speaking. When they weren't speaking english that it was just a higher dialect of 
Such a sad thing to admit to right?
Well in my defense I was a kid
who didn't care about details :)
But despite that, my father always taught us to respect everyone. No matter what their race was & culture were, respect was key.To him it wasn't a man's skin color that matter.But what did matter to him the most.
Was that the people had to be intelligent.
Whoever we surrounded ourselves with
he wanted us to learn from them.
And through them he wanted
 us to gain as much  intelligence possible.
And use it in our daily lives.
In order to make it in the world.
So  as a boy crazed teenager.
 Jokingly w/many sisterfrens I would declare
 "I want to marry me an Asian or a Meauli.
So my kids could have dark skin & chinky eyes." Hope none of you took offense to that statement. But that's how I feel no racism intended. Your probably wondering than
 were did marrying a Tongan get thrown in the mix. Like I said we didn't know who or what Tongans were til we moved to Utah.So naturally going to school on the eastside of Utah.This is where I would get mistakenly looked at as being Tongan. One because growing up our uncles had a local band "Island Time" everyone knew them.
So they knew that Uncle John & Frank married into the Olive Family. So people would assume that I was one of their kids.
Then in my ysa years a majority of
my bestfriends & aquaintances are Tongan.  Ranging from all ages & places here in Utah & parts of Cali.
Though I love their culture esp since my nephew Baby K ^^^^ is  half Tongan & we have plenty halfbreeds in our family. Maxine's comment prompted me
 to keep the record striaght. I'm Samoan.
I feel it a blessing in being Samoan.
Though our two cultures Samoan & Tongan  have many similaritiesBinding us to the most important culture above all else. Which is  "God's Culture" in following him no matter what religion we choose.
<><><><> <><><><>
Kahn fotuali'i 2011 World Cup
<><><><> <><><><>
Manu Samoa Rugby
And though I've openly express
that I'd marry any other cultures over the years til this day.It doesn't mean at all that I don't value my own Samoan Heritage..
                                 Everything I admire & love of other people and their cultures. Is exactly how I feel about being Samoan & being attracted to our men as well.Let's not get that twisted. lol Hello haven't you seen Troy Polamalu or All Blacks Rugby players? However  I have yet to find or
 have I found any that I'm not either related to,
 that are actually single or have the guts to step at last fact being the most disappointing)lol
 With that said what I'm expressing is the following. I'm not a race extremist nor do I feel it important to scream out from rooftops. 
"Look at ME! Look at ME! I'm Samoan!
"Hmmm I'm Samoan are you Samoan? Then
yes we should date right now!"lol
 No that's not me! But the proof is where I extend my passion which is found in Heavenly Father's counsel in  << 1 Samuel 16:7 >>!
My eye candy prefrence of men. May be as different as the colors of the RAINBOW.. But the ones at the top of the  "food chain" or in this case "men chain".Nowadays has to have more than quick lines, fat money pockets & flattering gestures.Call me picky if you want. I really don't care :)But like I tell my poor dad. Who's always saying "Ova when I was your age or Ova I'm going to take you
to Samoa & get you a really good husband."lol Like I tell him & now telling any of you that may feel sorry for me. Just because I'm single. Let me invite you to stop! :) Cause this is all you'll hear me say. 
I want a somebody not just an anybody
even if it means I get nobody.
My man & what I'm after from who will
be that man is real substance. One who is my equal that inspires me to be my best in everything.Who possess True Grit Faith Character.. Not much to ask for if I do say so myself. :)
Hence is why I have that picture of
 Jackie Chan & Chris Tucker two of my favorite actors. Just to put it out there.
 That no matter what race,culture,religion
or gender someone is in the world.
The key to success  in winning me over.
Is accepting other people for who they are & leaving them better than how you found them. And I've benefited from alot of those types of people in my life &
 am grateful for each one!
Because of the teachings of our father
in rearing us to always have
an open-mind to other cultures.
Coupled with our mother's
example to be open-hearted has
made it easier for me to give love.
Anywho so back to Maxines comment.
It sparked a few more sisterfrens
to jump in w/their own opinions.
 Adding their replies over facebook 
& it was just funny to me.
 That the preference I hold in my taste of men.
 Would cause my sisters to think of
 me any time they'd run into Asians..
Left me in awe of how loved & often
thought of I am!Grateful for the reminder.
Now you all are aware & familiar with that Ute Logo. Of course! My favorite team they played USC last week & lost. Disappointing for sure. But tomorrow is our rilvary game against BYU. I'm looking forward to seeing them smash them cougars. Wish I was going to the game but its probably best to stay close to home. Because to much blue may burn my eyes..hahaha They play in Provo and should make for an exciting game. Can't wait! Til my next blog! Happy Weekend :)
And for all my country lovahs out there. Here's my latest favorite country jam.. It's up there with
Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Lady Antebellum, Beyonces "1 plus 1" and Jamie Fox's "You still Got it" Gotta love great lyrics from the heart!

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