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F.H.E Comittee 2010-2011

It was around October 2010 when I was approached by our F.H.E Chairmen Lei Talamaivao to join our F.H.E comittee for Salt Lake 2nd Ward. Prior to that we had become friends through the ward. And at the time I was out to starting a group to invest time in strengthening the men of our church to be stronger role models. But that focus was redirected into our F.H.E group instead. Which was fine with me because the Lord had different plans for all of us. So it wasn't until Nov when we came together & started to plan events.

Newly called Lei as chairmen, I as co-chair and comittee members Dawn Taufui, Lori Sugiyama,Alvin Uta"i and Hinckley Vaisigano during fall 2010- into early fall of 2011. Then  Feb 2011 or so Miguel Vasquez joined our group, our Elders Q. stole Alvin & Hinckley lol later into 2011 Lori moved out of the ward 1st  followed by Dawn Taufui shortly after. Aug 2011 Manu Fifita joined the crew. Miguel & I were released Sept 2011.
          Throughout this time of us coming together, working through changes and aiming to edify everyone invovled. I learned so much about myself and most of all why people needed & need to come to know Christ for themselves.  I cried,laughed and have had hours of reflective conversations with those I've mentioned. But our original group when we first began this adventure truly molded me into a stronger member of the gospel. I would often worry that I wasn't delegating tasks out evenly amoung member. Doing my best  to keep from stepping over boundaries. That Lei was was chair & I was co-chair & to always support his choices. Plus still try to get YSA's motivated in living a better life. By convincing them returning to the gospel is the only way. And what I discovered now having been released. That the moments of high stress while in service.  Was due to my lack of letting go & letting God take over. But when I would trust in him & the direction he had in store for our YSA's and our comittee. Each time everything would work out fine. I learned it wasn't about me ever. And that was one of the best lessons I could've ever learned. And will keep with me forever.
I love to personalize everything & let the people I know in my life fully aware of how I feel about them. And usually the easiest way is through my writing. So I decided to steal pictures of these most dedicating, crazed and loving people that I was able to serve with & what they mean to me. My next blogg will be part 2 of our "Unofficial F.H.E" members that worked behind the scene to make our jobs easier to lift the load. Hip Hip Hooray!
Lei Talamaivao aka "Cupcake" lol for obvious reasons the nickname!!hahaha somedimes I like clowning you lei! This is one of those dimes..hahaha
Seriously though I've come to respect this man because of his goals & dreams. Now mind you under the ladiesman rep, playing for the U of U and being a Samoan sporting L.A. style. There is another side of "cupcake"lol
 Lei has always been most respectful, there to drive me around like Ms.Daisy and a source of true friendship. He has a passion for family and giving back to any one in need. But what makes him so special to me. Is that he never quits. Though life throws him endless curve balls & knocks him down at times. Detours he might have taken & may still have to take in the future.
To me he's solid because of his endurance.
 He never gives up & no matter what mood I'd be in during this time serving together. He'd let me ride the emotion out than just change my perspective on a certain issue.. 
Like when I told him yah I've been in relationships but it's been a while. But I have had my share duh! lol Then he goes well "O" have you tried listening more than voicing your opinions as much.. Instantly I was thrown in shock. I snaped back "What the Heo?" Thinking oh no he didn't. Which was  remedy w/laughter lol. But that's what I'm saying in seconds he'd do that change my mind frame & that example of never quitting will always remind me of Lei and I wish him the best of luck in all that he pursues. He will accomplish great things. Love ya "Cupcake So'o" :)

Alvin was always our deep thinker ^^^^ hence the picture. I could always count on him to give me priesthood blessings when I needed them, guy advice on certain crushes bahaha and motivation to get hitched >>>>>>>
That's him & his lovely fiance.. What I learned from Alvin is how to be strong in the Gospel. No matter what you have going on in your life he taught me to get deep in the gospel. Don't just serve to check off tasks over a list. But be truely Missionary Hearted because it's the right way to be. And as serious as Alvin could be at times. I will appreciate his heart & the love he'd give me.
Now this is two part section & NO dawn & Miguel aren't dating. Just partners to our Ward Sadies. I just couldn't find any single pictures of Miguel and this was the only one decent enough for my blog. :) So I'll start off w/Dawn Taufui.. Now as you can already notice she cheers for the wrong team. BYU football but because she's so dedicated. Oooh those B.Y.U kitties. Anyway sister looks stunning. So I thought why not post that one of her. Anyway I've known Dawn's family since highschool & grown as sisters through Divine Heritage Choir, work & this calling. What I love about dawn is that she's selfless. No matter how many times I throw her into new tasks. Such as conducting fhe's, teaching lessons and endure listening to my endless worries. It's because of her selfless spirit I was able to survive this calling. And walk away from this experience criminal free from attempted Which would've been a lot of bloodshed lol lucky ysas. Her beautiful grace always helped me to control myself & am grateful she was always fully invested in helping me out. Even if it scared her out of her whits.. I couldn't have served w/anyone more perfect to see me through. Love you Dos!
MIGUEL... oh what can I not say about this guy. But when he came into our group he truely lightened the air w/his random humor. He is one of the most gospel knowledgable men I know & he always says what's on his mind. He never intends to hurt anyone but he also never withholds the truth. I know that all of his hard work through this calling, friendship & honesty will pay off. I have so much respect for miguel that if he'd realize it he wouldn't believe it  Because w/that honesty he owns so well. Almost to a fault has help me to notice his Christlike humility. But you wouldn't know that because he's always cracking jokes. A true brother in the gospel to me & I will forever be grateful for his steadfastness & his loyalty to building the kingdom of God.. 
My spunky sister Lori Sugiyama.. We met in Provo Stk for stk young womens camp. I was a bit threaten by her cause she was like the energizer bunny. Bouncing, running and walking all over the place and just a spiritual powerhouse. By the end of the camp I was grateful we were able to become good friends in 2009. Well then she moved down to Salt Lake for a new job & joined our ward. Now as a member of our group. She taught me of things that I hadn't been refined in as of yet. And though at times it didn't feel that we saw eye to eye. I appreciated Lori's willingness to always show up. Carry whatever needed to be done when it needed to be. Her short time w/us taught me that in the gospel all things must have an order. If not chaos is easier to breakout. I know that Lori will achieve all that she sets out to do. Because even in her small asian frame. She's a true warrior and I wish her the best priesthood holder. To be sealed too for all time & eternity. Because she deserves every happiness available .. :)

Last but surely not least. Hinckley Vaisigano & I have known of each other for years.
I actually knew his sisters Lethe & Epe first.
 When Hinckley first joined the group he had been home from his mission not to long. I want to say it was a few weeks but I might be wrong. What I learned from Hinckley was how to appreciate not only Gospel Culture but our Nationality. His love for the Samoan language,people and tradition. Gave me an increase love for who I am & that I am Samoan. Alot of it had to do with the fact his passion reminded me of my our beloved brother Tuau Afo. Especially since there was such a small amount of us in the ward that are Samoan. The fact that the ward has always been under the direction of a Tongan Bishopric in the North Tongan Stake.Hinckley reminded me to never forget where I'm from & to appreciate what I have. That of being Samoan decent. And I will always love him for that & his example of what a worthy priesthood should be. And as sisters of the church where we should be aiming our search for worthy potentials. Never to settle  for a spouse who doesn't live up to his potential & covenants.
Men that return w/honor from their missions.
Who continue to uphold that honor for the rest of their lives. Bakermon fo'sho always kept the jokes fresh & the respect on lock. His future is sure & I know he will be happy. If not I guess the fa'a samoa way is fasi the jp
Gospel Culture trumps Local kine Guuuulture aye?lol of course...:)
Again I can't say enough about this wonderful group. That when they do come across this msg that I will always be grateful for them. And whether we remain in one another's lives or won't unite til the next life. I will always be on their side cheering them on w/all my heart. Because of the love I have for all of them :)
Salt Lake 2nd YSA Ward fo'Life ;)
F.H.E. Grp 2010-2011

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