Monday, September 26, 2011

From Picture Perfect to HeartBroken Realizing the Bigger Picture is God fixes Broken People & Thangs

Have you ever had the chance to look or feel like Will Smith?? From this scene out of one of his hit movies Hitch?
If not your one lucky cookie.
 Cause unfortunately I have.. :)
 After our final fundraiser on behalf of Fano this past weekend. We were on our way home & I popped open an orange soda. Bad move! Because that set off a pain in my
mouth that I thought was gonna kill me. Turning me into a grown crybaby. If you could've witnessed the pain. You'd understand how hooked one can get to prescription drugs. lol Which in a matter of about five hours. I was a total junkie. Thinking what was a mild tootahe has actually turned into a painful infection. Gross I know!

But not as gross as this photo of me above.
And no that's not some special computer effect or enhancement.. :(
It's my verison of Will Smith on "Hitch"
but with my swollen mugshot.
Not very forthcoming or attractive is it? If I land a date over that flick. Than I'll be really  But here's the point & lessons I learned from this self-inflicted pain.
1. Right Choices made sooner prevents unnecessary pain later.
2. Faith and Works have to be equal to gain miracles. There can never be room for doubt.
3. Prayers are answered but doesn't mean pain will be lifted at every offer plea.Travelling on narrow & straight is a test.
Will we blame God or praise him in our pain.
I cried like a little 5yr old this past Saturday night. Awaiting the meds to do it's magic.
Dying for a priesthood blessing that came later from my brother Vainiu Afo. Then the next morning a health blessing, from our priesthood leaders from my new ward. I threw tantrums through prayer to get the pain to be lifted, begged for forgiveness for the pain I felt I didn't deserve & then rebegged for healing. (humbled again that I did this to myself, no one else was to blame but me)
And though I can't see a doctor until tomorrow and my face is still swollen. As if someone has punch me or something. Even that & now haven ate more pills than food. I know by this experience. That though not everything in life is picture perfect all the time. And we don't have all the answers to why? why not? or the why me's? No matter how painful the trial. When endured with an optismtic attitude & "pay it forward" service type of outlook. The pain does become more barable to carry & God cures everything that we are suffering. Even when we are at the most whiny,hardheaded, hard hearted selves that we often choose to be. On his time he heals us. Perfect Picture or not!
When we take a minute to relax. 
Allowing the focus to adjust
to the image we're facing.
Only than will we see the Bigger Picture
from God's perspective.  He is there! He hasn't forgotten any of us!
So don't forget him rain or shine!

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