Tuesday, September 27, 2011


      It's General Conference

And here we have the opportunity to hear from our prophet & apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And once again I've found myself having to "heal" from being sick again. But this time I'm truly grateful for this experience. My last post was of my crazy looking face. All of the pain I was feeling & am still trying to recover from patiently. But I'm so grateful today for good doctors,staff & health care that got me feeling better. I'm not a hundred percent yet. However through this "lesson learned" I've come to appreciate the love of a mother like mine. That drives me absolutely nuts at times (Ms.Florence Sua) hmmm 99.9% of the time. But whenever in need she always pulls through with so much charity & unconditional love that none of us really deserves.
 I love my goofy brothers king Tui,Sea,Rocky,Roy, Vice aka Vainiu and Damein that keep me laughing. Even though I just finish crying over my pain. With their side cracks & making light of everything. I can always depend on them for a good laugh. Even if their laughing at me. :)

What great examples for my heartbreaking nephews. Lil Rock & Kengike that are so loud in the middle of my resting time. And in the mist of lecturing them. Their blank stares say it all. As if their saying hmmm
 "Oh Auntie get over it."

                                          Onto my lil niece rochelle visiting & keeping a tight lip. At each of my  scoldings.
For not being nice to her cousins. I promise she's probably like "Arrrgh whatever" but obedient none the less.
She's growing up so fast & I'm proud to call her my mini-me. Even if Teuila is her favorite auntie..lol

Speaking of which, a sister that keeps it real 24-7. Never sugarcoating anything. "Teuila is my swelling going down?" "Hmmm Yah your face still looks big." hahaha couldn't have asked for a stronger sister than Teuila. A blessing in our lives that doesn't get enough recognition for all that she does for us.
And last but not least my dad Loi Afo.
A man that no matter what I'm doing with my life. He still trys his best to instill in me hope. That I can do anything if I'd just do something. The love provided from such a strong will man. I love him more than he can even imagine. My loving parents as imperfect as they are & as I am to them. Their always there to heal my heart. Their always there to set us straight. And that's the point of my blog. Not to brag about my family or point out anything in particular. Except how much we love one another. 
And that it doesn't matter how many disagreements we have or how many times 
 we've disappointed one another.
 I love these individuals & many more who haven't been mention. Because in the grand scheme of things they always help my healing process. They always show up and love me regardless of how much I mess up.
 I love you family!
I pray that your family is just as loving as mine. catch General Conference @ www.lds.org for list of locations & boardcasting. And it's been said in preparing to watch it. Have a question you want to have answered, pray that you get that answer & at least one or all of the talks will answer your question.

I won't be able to attend the "Common Kings" concert this weekend. Because of swollen face lol So enjoy my jam & pls we're still accepting donations for Fano. :)

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