Monday, September 19, 2011

"Holy War"

Check the Score
54 Utes beating Cougars @ 10
in Provo Utah  :)

Two days ago my U of U football team won their game.
Against our rival  Bringham Young University Cougars. Otherwise known as B.Y.U...
Going head to head with alot of
muscle & determination to win. 
And by the time  3rd quarter our
Utes were killing them.
It felt so good to win,
 taunt some b.y.u fans over facebook
& in person. All in support of my
 mighty mighty UTES. A great feeling
 beyond anything that I can describe
or have  felt for awhile indeed.
Joyful to witness our boys win..
Especially when B.Y.U had
 homefield advantage.
Making our win that much sweeter. lol
  But I've come to notice with 
all the smack talking
 between the two teams.
And me dishing it out 
to many of their fans.
I was reminded that
in the end it's just a game.
And it shouldn't be
such a high priority
and get so out of control.
First of all applying these
revealations to myself.
I came to witness that when people lose it.
It only heightens anger & useless name calling over both sides.
Of course cheering
 is totally part of the game. 
That's why we have favorites.
But when we're out to
truly offend others in a  crude
way to really hurt them.
Verbally, physically or both
Than all the fun is out the window
and no one enjoys themselves..
  And I'm not innocent by any means.
Believe me I am a diehard UTE.
 I give and have given out
 my fair share of low blows.
Especially when B.Y.U fans make
comments of my teams spirituality.
Just because they don't attend B.Y.U.
or live the standards of our religion.
 To me those very people/fans
 who make statements
"Oh well at least off the field we know
who has the spirit."
"We are the Lord's school so that's why we won."
etc etc etc..
I feel those BYU fans are ignorant
 & don't know their limits.
Of what to say & what not to say.
In a sense their
off the field on the field, off the wall
personal verbal fouls are uncalled for
no matter what causes
their emotional outburst.
And their disrespect then just leaves
others under false pretense
that all "Mormons" are self-righteous.
Keepin other religious
people from having any type
of desire to finding out for themselves
about what we believe.
Outside this great football past-time.

When these B.Y.U fans
 should just be better examples.
To me you don't have to
lower yourself by putting
others down. Win or lose..
If they'd but remember
 what they learn in
church & practice those teachings
rather than judging unrighteously.
Someones spirituality is NO ONES BUSINESS
Except that person & Heavenly Father.
Bringing that up in a football
rilvary isn't fair or right.
Before,during & after this type of game
in doing so just reflects
how dumb a person can be.
 When they don't think before they speak.
You think I'm being too harsh?
I don't think I am at all. Because as
a member of this restored gospel.
We are held at a higher standard
of living.
And of how we are to treat
 our fellowmen & women.
And I know by personal example
it isn't easy to turn the other cheek.
 Be the bigger person in a heated situtation.
I fail many times in other
areas of my life at being
this example I'm talking of.
And will continue because unfortnately
I'm a weak human.
 But I learn,revamp my behavior & do better.
 But my point here in this "Holy War"
we  encounter every year between our teams.
 Is that make it about football not spirituality.
Just because our church runs B.Y.U.
Doesn't give us an authority to be ignorant.
 President Hinckley said it best
when he talked about missionary work.
We don't talk ill or degrade other religions.
By pointing out their spiritual
weaknesses & the doctrine they don't have.
But what we do and extend out is an invitation.
 Asking that they bring
all the good they possess &
 add to what we have to offer.
 To come & be converted under
 Christ restored gospel
as one sheep & one fold.
So much feeling over just one game right?
 Well it matters & that's
why I'm saying it now.
 That next year while we're all
 cheering for our favorites.
Ute or Cougar
that we keep in mind its about the game
no need to bring spirituality into it.
Just to fuel battling words.
Well we played earlier in the season
this year against B.Y.U.  Look
forward seeing what happens next year.
Which won't be a surprise that
the Cougars will bring their "A-Game"
and if it happens they win on our field.
At least we'll hopefully follow of the
soccar girls below & practice
Great Sportsmenship. We are our
brothers keeper. Whether we sport
Red,Blue or any other color
in the end it's just a game!
Goooo Utes!!!!
(Through our childrens eyes
they behave in the manner
that they see us disply.Let it
be this Good Sportsmanship)

P.S. don't forget to support Fano Galeai.
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