Thursday, September 8, 2011

My New Boyfren!

I am a sucker for romance, chick flicks & suspense. So a couple of months ago while a good friend by the name of Sifa Heimuli reference this book in his sacrament talk. A day after one of my sister-frenz Amanda Johnson suggested I read it. I didn't have to wait for confirmation from a third party to prompt me in reading this heart warming book.
Which I'm happy I went ahead and started being that there's over 500 pages in it. But trust me it flies by esp when you don't take Anyway it's about faithful saints that travelled cross country. By ship,handcarts & wagons because they felt "The fire of the Covenant".. To sacrifice their comforts & head at all cost into Salt Lake Valley to settle & begin building Zion in the west.
 Many paid the ultimate price. Giving up their very own lives. Taking upon themselves such a risk because they knew the Lord. Many wanted to follow his Prophet Brigham Young at the time without hesitation. No matter the conditions possessing "TRUE GRIT FAITH". For further insight on that type of faith READ the BOOK!lol 
What I've come to learn so far by my reading about these spirited giants. Which I've always known. That nothing is impossible when your on the Lord's side. Throughout the story where their starving & have to cut food portions down. In order to  share with others in their company  & survive the pulling & pushing of carts & wagons.  I've rediscovered not to take for granted what I have today. Not  for even a split second. Because we never know when we will have to do without daily common materials. 
Clothing, favorite possessions & foods.
 Something so obvious it seems. With everything that's going on in the world. That we should
always lead a life of gratitude.
 But sometimes it takes stories like this to be reminded.
How good we really do have it. 
So before I go giving away the whole story. With documenting what I've learned and all of my feelings.
I will refrain from such impulsive gestures and say this much. If you haven't read it. Do it! It's as simple as that. Don't delay knowledge you can have today to learn from this historical event & people. An amazing story that you will be able to relate to I promise. Whether your a member of the Church or not your heart will be touched. I promise you will fall in love with the message.
Which is no matter how large or small your faith is in God. He is always waiting. WAITING for you to take up his call & come to him whole heartedly. Reaching for you to step forward today!Why? Because he sent his only begotten son Jesus Christ to die for you. In order for you to return & live with him forever. It's that simple and so take up this invitation. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. As far as a good read & bonus perspective of what it can mean to endure life.
By the way before all you sistrens try to steal my man Eric Pederson. Step off!!! lol Maybe I will marry me a Norwegian after Only time will tell hahahaha But seriously read the book!

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