Thursday, September 22, 2011

I just don't know

What to do with

And no this has nothing to do with my blog
Rather tonight it's all about my love of music.
Tonight I was able to watch X-Factor for the first time.
A talent show in search of stars. I write songs as
a hobby & so lyrics are everything to me.
Then the accompany music to any songs
 is what locks me in as a listener.
They must have true content first 
& then the outter package
is what does it for me. :)
Obvious with my blog musiq playlist.

Anyway I often feel like Cameron Diaz
  shown above in "My Best Friend's Wedding."
Speaking on my own singing abilities.
And I'm not even being modest, trussssst me..
Jennifer Lopez said it best in "Wedding Planner."
"Those who don't wed.. Plan!" In my case 
"Those who can't sing (the way they'd like)
But like everything else I'm working on my
So tonight  The X Factor - Melanie Amaro an 18 yr old girl that sang Beyonce's-Listen.
 Oh man she was so tight & reminded
me of my sisters.
That when they have "sang" in the past
for me.
Their hearts were always in it.
If not I'd harass it out of them every
time. So onlookers would be left in awe.
To hear what I'd always enjoy hearing
from my sisters. Doing their thing.
Ya! I push becuz they can do it!
And yes I said sang! Not sing!
Cause anyone can attempt to sing..
But to really "sang" & "sang w/heart" that
takes pure "conviction" & soul.
 Mycal Alo would always try
to drill that "conviction"
 into our choir.
Pushing for it because
an audience only cares about what they
feel from a performance or talent.
Nothing else...
Which is what Rena,Tirae,Vivian,Tasi,Omi
and countless others could do.
 And would do each time they'd
grab a mic to "sang".
Enjoy "fortunate" this group
is amazing. Youtube them :)
 Another Beyonce favorite :)

Tomorrow kicks off our Utah fundraisers
 for Fano.
Don't forget him & pls come support!
 check his wife's blog for updates

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