Monday, September 5, 2011

Last F.H.E w/Salt Lake 2nd Ward

Monday August 29,2011 was my last family home evening with Salt Lake 2nd YSA Ward as co-chairmen. It was a bitter sweet experience & a very interesting evening. Bishop Manatau had planned that we revisit Arlington senior citizen center in south Salt Lake Area near the avenues. In attendance was Bishop, Brother & Sister Fonua and our YSA's below.

We were requested to perform a mini luau and it was a hoot to say the Yah Polys say hoot get over Anyway I had gotten off two hours prior to our meeting time. And anyone who knows me I love to be early. As the motto goes "If your on time your late." We'll save that for another blog. :) Anyway my usual self would've been early just to be early. But this particular evening I just wanted to take my time getting there. To reflect over this being my final who-ha! from the ward.

Well good thing I got there early because I didn't get the memo. Being w/out a cellphone & carless the day before Bishop mistakenly gave the wrong address. And so for two hours straight I was walking around looking for the venue. Meeting some crazies that broke out in a fist fight over some "special girl" causing police & firemen to rush over. Showing up on a doorstep of a half nake man stated he wasn't sure of any senior citizen homes around. That encounter totally reminded me of the mission for various Then finally a school lady directed & even offerred me a lift to exactly where I needed to be.  And all the while during the detours, frustations of being the last to know of significant changes of location & meeting interesting people along the way. I had to laugh to myself before bursting into some crazed tear That all that trouble comes with the territory of serving in the Lord's Kingdom. Something I've always known & have to remind myself constantly especially when I don't want to serve. Funny to be writing this the day after arguing w/my mother about going to a ward luau this weekend. lol arrgh I hate when I'm wrong anyway sorry sidetrack..

But when I'm saying is that service is never convient for anyone. However when we do it without compliant, what's in it for me or all the why's?why's?why's? When we push that all aside & forget ourselves & stop being selfish. The service always by experience I've come to know turns out to be fun, educating and of course a blessing in disguise. Well the rest of the night went off great. Our chairmen Lei Talamaivao showed up w/Nai Fotu surprising us w/a New Zealand Haka. Ray Leger & Hans aka "Chubby" Fonoimona serenaded all of us w/beautiful polynesian musiq. My sisters Nina Brunt, Lelu and Felicia showed total moral support w/audience participation. Hia Taufui grace us w/a beautiful Tongan Taualunga. Willi Lauti,Maisa Pei,Siaosi,Paki Vaituu,Tia Miasel served has film & encouragement croo. While Brother Fonua had us rolling w/his Elvis & Humperdink songs.. Truly showcasing his younger years. lol And the night ended almost a year of service in this calling just like we began. Nothing was ever perfect but we all pulled through together to fit us that we'd become perfect. And I couldn't have asked for more out of a calling & from a bishopric & ysa's ever. Blessed for sure :)

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