Thursday, September 29, 2011

O's Favorite Things

Sorrry to disappoint you all but no this isn't Oprah's favorite things. And as you have guess it your not going to win anything.. Not even a magazine from the But at least your come to a greater knowledge about what are my favorite things.. What a prize I know! lol So let's start off with the beautiful people of India. A couple of years back my best friend Tatiana Skipps got a few of us sisters hooked on "Bollywood Movies" there version of "Hollywood" but with indie directors,actors,music all in subtitles. And of course I fell in love with them because the majority that we saw were & are "Chic Flick" types..

 I'm a sucker for drama & romantic comedy. Obviously whether I understand the language or not. Some deem us crazy & waste time for watching these movies. But when something so cultured & lovely reaches out to you. Then it'd be foolish to turn away from it. Anyway these two are a few of my favorite Bollywood actors Kajol & Sharukhan..
You should become a fan! I hear the asian films are just as good. I have yet to explore those too :)

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