Monday, September 5, 2011

Our F.H.E Angels

Like I said we had our F.H.E group & than we had our "Unofficial F.H.E" members that would rush in like S.W.A.T at the moment of distress. Either w/needed refreshments, teaching lessons or to be of a shoulder to lean on at any "RED ALERT"
 call.. Willing hearts and hands even when they couldn't afford it or the time it took to come through. These are our angels & we will forever be grateful for their willingness to pick up where we needed the most assistance.

Above we have Amanda & Mea a comb of which could keep everything hot.
Whether it be yummy bakegoods by Mander or hillarious lessons,comments or suggestions by Mea.
Either way true lifesavors for our YSA's

Mander again she's always working overtime. But Marlene is a sistah that would handle it in the kitchen. Making for full tummies & grateful patrons

The Diva's Leki & Tia loving us even when they'd wanna kill us..

 Our very own Cali Besties. Lorenzo & Manu always working behind the scenes as well.
No matter how much they'd wanna probably fasi all of us. Esp Lei lol. They never would leave us hanging. Truely blessed  to have them & have Manu become a official member of the group.

                                 Can never forget about our California Gurls Tat,Manu & Pam
                    Love these Threee to the max!

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