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Part 2 Reminiscing over my Lehi Dayz

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ending to that blog. Right where we left
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The first time I had ever attended a Branch Camp out. Held up at Willow Park an area   with plenty of trees, flat grassy land & open space. The size of either a rugby or football field.  Ok maybe a lil'smaller. Giving plenty of room for families to spread out all over.  Bonding with friends that I had come to admire so much & deem as my very own personal mentors.
 The Tarawhiti's,Garth Allred,President Raass, Lee Funn Family Sheri Kongaika then & now recently married to Lio Pula and can't forget the Harris family.
Too many families to mention of whom
I grew close to during that summer.
Though not all are mentioned
none are forgotten.  Getting the opportunity to kid around with my yw's & ym. Bekah Huni sharing her amazing singing vocals, Pakalani sisters babysitting skills fullout, playing w/the Palepale boys. The blessing to teach my miamaids weekly.  Youth that capture my heart even til today. Playing tennis & volleyball w/Muimui Fonua, Charlotte Tuilevuka & other hillarious married couples.
 Laughing with Lila Paongo,Carma Brown,Sue Unutoa and Jennifer Finau of how to set up camp tents.
 Attempting to steady them out almost

getting blown over ourselves by the fierce Willow Park winds. Not a good look sisters! They weren't that fierce them winds lol  
 Roaming around camp playing
 sports with superstarrs, taking pictures of fellow campers, hunting for firewood w/ Mr. Kolo Funaki.  An expert on how to build,sustain & put out a fire.
Which didn't die out at all til, the next morning.
A true boyscott in ackshun even if Kolo bullied the children the entire time lol :)  
Made for good times spent w/lovely sisterfrens.
Congee,Lina,Rosie & Ann..
 Cracking up with Ann who was
trying to pull an all-nighter
knowing she had to work the next day.
 Talk about die hard! 
Ending camp w/Mr. Funaki's
early morning reggae seranades enroute.
Refusing Baby Tei Tuilevuka & I's
 pleas for R&B! R&B! R&B!

 All along stuck in standby status. Since he loves reggae.
I think he even sang the Tongan Anthem had to be all the smoke he inhaled
that got to him or something;)lol
Keeping our R&B request on delay.  Always teasing that Laie Boy!lol  Which he'd probably beg to differ.
Participating in Branch Camp lead to going on my very first Youth Conference, followed by Girls Camp at Mia Shalom, getting all dolled up to attend my first Youth Ball, YSA fhe *family home evenings*, cookouts & Temples. Over a span of only a few short months these branch members left an imprint over my heart. That til this day & no doubt into the eternites. I will forever keep in my with me. I just can't shake them off. Nor would I ever dare.
 So though miles apart & lives lived in separate wards. For however long. Lehi Fa'taha Branch.  Today a  now evergrowing ward w/new members.  I love you & thank each of you for the opportunity to call you Aiga (Family) for the rest of my life.
I will forever remember our lil branch.
 Here & until we meet again even if 
its into the next life :) I love you 
Hiking up to see the "Y" not the biz fo'a Ute Fan like myself. lol  We were so exhausted on this day. I believe we started w/the hike up the "Y", early breakfast, headed to take pictures at Temple Sq, then 7peaks water park. Saturday morning early breakfast, sports & workshops ended w/the youth dance & Sunday Fireside. Motivating our youth to aim for the Temple. By striving everyday to living the promises they make every week by partaking of the sacrament & being an example of truth & light.
 Camp Mia Shalom proved to be a welcomed eye-opener for me. The value of teaching our young women the meaning of their yw theme. Gearing them in how to believe & live what they'd recite weekly. That each was & is a precious daughter of God. I give you our Provo Stk YW!
We are daughters of our Heavenly Father who loves us & we love him.
We will stand as witnesses of God at all time and in all things and in all places as we strive to live the young women values which are: Faith,Divine Nature, Individual Worth,Choice & Accountablity, Good Works & Integrity. We believe as we come to accept and act upon these values, we will be prepared to strengthen home and family, make and keep scared covenants  recieve the ordainances of the temple and receive the blessings of exaltation

 An evening of modeling examples in a church setting. Of how to treat the opposite sex while attending highschool & balancing negative teen peer pressure. By following the commandments and not to follow the latest trends. Helping the youth to remain modest in dress, personal conduct & how to remain strong standing in holy places. I was especially proud of the youth. That they just let loose during the dance & had fun. Not out to impress but actually enjoying the musiq & company. Which isn't hard when our cousin Magic Mapu is djing the Everyone felt great cause they looked great.. Good times. :)
The following are a varitey of special times w/Lehi Fa'taha
"I found love in meeting each of you, healing laughter to cure what lived within me, your friendships kept me feeling safe & secure, Never once billing me for services rendered and when I needed you the most you knew exactly how to build me up fo'sure."
Lehi Fa'taha
 ~Alofa tele ia te oe uma ~
Overland Aimiti Afo 
(Esperanza Pooja << lol yah cuz that's my real name se! ) 

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