Monday, September 12, 2011

Pls Read ASAP! Help!

             Mission: Unblockable Volleyball Tourney
                                    for Fano Galeai
*Below is a description of our family fundraiser for fano. Beautifully set up by our cousin Frankie Fauolo. I don't want to repeat too much of what she's already addressed. But the urgency of why we're throwing this at such short notice. We as a family pray that you will sense & find it in your hearts to donate as quickly as possible. Please don't leave this up to chance by thinking your donation doesn't count or won't matter. Whether small or large. Whether you live here in Utah or not. While you are deciding whether to donate or not. Pls don't let unnecessary obstacles in your mind keep you from doing so.  I promise you on behalf of our family it matters. And we need it. So if you say you can we have those who will detail how you can send it over. We love fano very much & want to get the word out as quickly as possible. We can not do this w/out your support. So please donate & share this msg with every & anyone that you know to help us succeed* Sincerely w/all our love! Thank YOU!
Hay everyone! Hope that you're all doing well. I know you're probably wondering why we are sending you this message, huh? Well, we need your help.!Our cousin, brother, friend, and loved one, Fano Galea'i, was diagnosed with cancer in 1996 and after four years, he was completely free of cancer. After 15 years he is now fighting for his life in Springfield, MA (where he moved with his wife).

Anyway, long story short...
The doctors say that he doesn't have much time left and so Fano would like to return home (to HAWAII) to be closer to his immediate family. We are trying to raise as many funds as we can to help him on his journey home. We are planning a VOLLEYBALL TOURNEY in his behalf and we would love if you could help us gather some teams for this purpose.If this is something that you'd be able to do, please let us know. Also, if there are other people that you think would be interested, please send us their names.

We are planning to have the tourney on Sat, Sept. 24.
Co-Ed Tournament (two women on the court at all times)
Location: West Jordan Park
Fee: $100 per team

We would like to have all team names the Wed before (which is Sept 21 so that we can put the schedule together) and then we'll have registration to pay all fees at 11 am the morning of and the first game will be at 12pm. If you are unable to make it to the volleyball tournament OR would just like to make any DONATIONS, it would be greatly appreciated! Please Spread the word! Once again, I hope that you can help our cousin and us with this cause. Thanks for listening to our LOOONNNNGGGG story =)=)

Much love and appreciation!
God Bless.
Fano w/his dear sisters Tangi & Maliana

Fano being his usual self w/wife Pume!

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