Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My September Blog Honorable Mentions

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I'm going to just admit it! I am a blogaholic. And I'm only admitting to it .Cause just this morning  my baby sister Teuila  says to me, "You should just sleep on the computer already." Implying I'm always on it. lol I was like hello "I just woke up."  Midthinking to myself as she was clowning. Hmmmm what should I blog on next. While camping on facebook at the same time 9:30am..hahaha I can't help myself.. I just love writing,editing, adding things to my own blogs. And then learning & reading from other peoples blogs.. Anyway point is you'll be hearing or seeing alot of my blogs in your dashboard feed. It might be annonying but then again it might not. If it does become too much to handle. I promise I won't be offended if you take me off your *chanting quietly please don't delete me! pls dont!* hahaha I promise I do have a life outside of blogging. But I just always seem to find the time to blog. A bit of a maddwoman I know! haha Enjoy my blogs while they last. Cause all good things do come to an end. (totally patting myself on the back)lol But when this does end cause of work & school.(crossing my fingers) I'm positive you'll wish I could flood up your feed. Just so you can have a good laugh. Or my personal hopes are that you, become inspired in one way or another. (fo'reo)

Well these are my honorable mentions for the month of Sept. The following blogs written by beautiful, intelligent, faithful women. Hope their stories enlighten your lives.
 Beginning with my young sisterfren Leva Mataele. Who beautifully wrote the following blog. Go ahead click on each titled blog by these writers. Hopefully their blog settings don't block u.
 Triple, Double,Single.......ugh...yeah... I'M STILL SINGLE!!
 It was funny to read over this blog. It  explores the idea & realities of being single. What a rollercoaster of emotions it can be to being in "young love" . I couldn't help but remember having the same concerns she has today, were what I had when I was her age. More certain than ever before. Love does come. It may take awhile but love does come. Even when we doubt it as a young adult in our mid-twenties, early thirties or fifity plus. in search of that sort of relationship. Love is sure & it does come. (Just saw an ad for singles 50+) Even at that age love does come. Crossing my fingers I don't have to wait that much longer. hahaha But if I do I'll just have to work with it. But patience is required & faith is a must exercised rule of thumb. Keeping me in check that love is a necessary application while waiting.  God first ,self then others in that order, everything does tend to fall into place. So I choose Leva's blog this month because it allowed me to remember my youth. And that its better to count ones blessings rather,  than counting  what's missing  in ones life.You'll just go crazy if you stress over what's not yours. What's not yours YET ! Steering clear from having feelings of entitlement . A dangerous emotion to hold onto which should be avoided at cost. Here's to looking forward with hope!

Lilika Funaki is related to two of my favorite people in the whole wide world. Lila Funaki Paongo & Kolo Funaki. Their younger brother Inoke Funaki is Lilika's husband. So that's a partial connection to how I became Lilika's blog follower. A.k.A "Blog Stalker" Please  judge me! lol Her writings might just turn you into one of her "Blog Stalkers" too. That's If you aren't already someone else's "Blog Stalker"..hahaha I have to laugh cause it would be a "Funaki"  connection that would have me openly admit to such a title. Thanks lilika! :)
  Anyway I came across her blogs through my sister/cousin [Leta Lately] (maybe the blame should be place on leta instead)lol eh so I  noticed  Funaki Times on Leta's bloglist . I proceeded to Lilika's "about her" and these two blogs Holiday & Open House & Wise Kisses had me hooked.. A step forward from sister/fren Leva's "young love" blog. Into Lilika's example of what "real love" looks like & can be. Her blogs magnify how to live outloud,happily testifying of gospel principals & how to stick by your spouse. I admire 
how she can express herself directly,entertaining & short. I'm a longwinded writer as you all have noticed. But I'm getting better just by reading up on Funaki Times by Lilika!  Her blogs are sweet! Noting that no matter what is going on in the world everyone can endure &

And talk about BOUNCE BACK! After reading Blessing from Heaven by my sister/cousin Lusi under  My Life Blog. Sidenote that's Leta's older sister. Well lusi's blog got me thinking about young married couples. How they have to be a team in any circumstance. Win or Lose moments, Win Win triumphs  and everything in between that's called life. I've known of many people that have loss children in their lives. And it's the most heart wrenching experience to witness love ones go through. Lusi went through it, my best friends have gone through it & even my own brother 2nd to the youngest  Rocky has felt that pain.Being single myself & never have had the blessing to give birth to a child. I couldn't even imagine what it would take to get through something like that at all.
Reading over Blessing from Heaven gave me a tiny glimpse of what Lusi & many others have had to endure. And I just know if I ever have to experience that test. I'll know just who to turn to for strength. And it's my knowledge of the gospel that leads me to believe that these children will be waiting for their amazing parents. That these parents test wasn't a punishment. Not at all!  Rather this test was a blessing of hope. That their children are so valiant that they'd have to return to Heavenly Father immediately. To continue his work on the otherside. Lusi being the perfect motherly example to take on such a blessing. Motivating me more to trust Heavenly Father within my own trials. Never to allow any experience to shake my faith in him. GIVING UP ON HIM OR LIFE will NEVER BE AN OPTION. No matter the trial or pain!

Leva,Lilika and Lusi my Sept. Blogger Honorable Mentions. Hope each of you can be just as inspiring as these  wonderful women. You never know who your motivating! KEEP BLOGGING ALIVE! :) 

                          Here's My Jam for the Hour!lol

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