Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Short Kuts

It's been a very good week. There's a lot of stuff that I don't have or kind of wish I did. And yet it's so funny how we stress over things we can't control.  That causes us unneeded stress. And even though there would be times during this week. Where I'd  get annonyed for free. lol I am so happy to admit I'm so blessed. I've found that love for service again. To do things without being asked my long lost "Kigatsuku Spirit" has returned.  Kind of took a detour when I left the ysa program. I'm doing better at controlling my snap reactions. I still have a lot of room for improvement. But it's been great to see where I've grown from. All in a matter of different things I'm experiencing. :) This is going to be a busy weekend. Manu Samoa is playing Fiji in the rugby world cup. We have two fundraisers planned for Fano Galeai. Please don't forget to donate & spread the word.
Click this link >> Support Fano Galeai
And various choir retreats & ysa activities going on through the Polynesian Wards. That I've been invited to but Fano's stuff takes top priority. So its been nice to hear everyone moving & pushing forward.
I finally applied for Delta Airlines and I really am dreading if I get hired there. Yes I know I just spoke on being grateful for my blessings. And working for Delta Airlines would be a huge blessing for my family.
Especially for my dad  so he can travel back and forth from Vegas. Shoot I'll be happy to visit & to travel to other countries. Ones that I've own dreamnt of touching down on one day.  New Zealand, Italy, Tahiti etc.
But in waiting on word whether I'll be hired or not. To me being employed by this company  still isn't worth it.
 And as tempted as I am, to list the many reasons, why I don't want to work there. All I have energy in expressing
is things happen or don't happen for a reason. And if it turns out that I do become an official Delta employee. After all these years running from it.  It'll be a blessing I hope to not begrudingly receive. Especially when I shouldn't be like that 
when God has something in store for me. That could possibly make me the happiest I've ever could be.
And it may mean that I just need to relearn how to live with more humility for his plans for me. Or on the other hand 
getting employed to take some deserving love ones out to eat or something. Whatever it is I will be prepared
 and will do my best to have an attitude of gratitude!
 Wish me luck!
1st video is of one of my
L41st young women Kotahi
Earlier tonight she opened for this group 
"Katachafire" ^^^ one of my faves.
So in remembering them tonight.
I wanted to show my support.
Even though I coudn't be there in person
 Take a listen & enjoy!

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