Monday, September 5, 2011

Turning of Another Leaf

~Lifted to Newer Heights~

Or in my case turning of another year. Also known to man getting a little wiser and aging a lil mo' Or at least I would hope.. :) Sept 1,2011 I turned 33 years old and again I was faced with what I don't have in my life. What I was losing as a young adult & what I would gain if I kept a positive attitude & perspective. But on a happier note lol So the day began with expressing my love to all my friends & family for birthday wishes via facebook. My other boyfriend. heehehe Which then popped off w/a early lunch. In attendance my mom Florence Su'a & sister Teuila Afo Vainuku at YA Sushi in Salt Lake.. Very yummy and good times laughing about who was most stuffed...Which was me. The cream cheese filled sushi gets me every I kept teasing my mom. Is it my birthday or yours? Cause sushi at 11am?  Anyway so I cherished the short time w/our family ladies.
I'm the crybaby of the family & so getting mushy
isn't always expressed. But I really did enjoy that lunch w/my mom & baby sister.
If I'm not eating birthday sushi with family. I'm usually with my best sister/fren
Doraleen Levao chopping it up at Chillis. But not this year for sure next year!
This is us @ our cousin's Paul & Tasha's Wedding
Uila on the left,Mom & Me

By surprise I got an unexpected phone call the night before from my good friend Lei Talamaivao.
He's a senior playing for one of my favorite college football teams. The University of Utah! Goooo Utes!
Well he called to informed me that he got me a ticket to their first game. And he had me on his guest list to attend that night. Of course they won & I enjoyed being a crazy woman rooting for them. I already know when I do have kids. I'm going to be probably super annonying w/my line calls, screaming my lungs out & just being supportive. Can't wait!lol 
Anyway I was happy to be cheering along side our F.H.E angel. None other then Manu Fifita surrounded by Lei's mom Fotu Talamaivao & brothers. Made for great company!

Lei a.k.a "The Beast" putting work in & awaiting more time on the field. Grateful for the opportunity to support him on his first game. And can't wait til they kick B.Y.U's butt in two weeks. :)

Manu & I soaking up the sun & enjoying the fans.. A sea of red & unity all the way around. Making for a breezy cool evening! After the game we were escorted to our car by Renzo. Than had sistah bonding over an Arby's meal. Couldn't stop cracking up over Manu & her warrior stories. I was truly blessed that day..

To the top left everyone I celebrated my birthday with lol.. ^^^^ Us girls w/the Talamaivao's :)

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