Friday, October 14, 2011

Changing Lives Improving Life

I woke up a little annonyed for no reason but  ended the day out on a high note. Got King Tui fed & comfortable to chill at home. Stayed off the net as much as I could. Like I've said before in prior postings. I'm a little addicted and so it was nice to get my cleaning done early. Today I got good news that another set of my friends are engaged. And it's funny cause these two are totally meant for each other.  Their story is something out of a romantic comedy. I like to think that God has blessed me with the spirit of discernment. Meaning knowing something will happen before it happens. *No I'm not a Ms. Cleo or psychic*lol
I just like to believe I can tell when a couple is going to hook up. And when it came to these two that was the case. :)Not bragging just And couldn't be any happier for them. Cheewhoo for eternal progression!


To top off this peaceful friday. We were grace with company by all three of my siblings. And it felt good to have everyone home for no special reason. But because everyone happened to come together. The boys (Aisea,Rocky & Roy) getting their bonding in, talking story over whatever. Which prompted a last mintue boys night out. Then Mom, Uila, King Tui & I watching "Blue Bloods" one of my favorite shows. And of course the kids running round like "little crazies". Just missed dad & our extended brothers damein, vice & anthony. Nonetheless it felt good to have family in the house. Especially since everyone has been raising their own families. 
 It showed me how much I miss having my younger siblings around, all together.
Instead of one or two missing at a time.
Giving me a glimpse of what I've
been missing out of over the years.
 Just wish we could've made
it out to Jr. Mailei's benefit concert.
Next year I plan not to miss it for sure..

Oprah's Life Class Premier Week ended today. So if you've been slacking, I'm telling you folks, your missing out. Here's a breakdown of what I learned.
In my own words combined with her wisdom.

  • Monday- Know your "true self" and get over your "ego self" so you can live your best life.
  • Tuesday- Anger let it go.. If you haven't forgiven whoever for whatever you need to today. To set yourself free from this deadly sickness called Anger. Not for the offender but for you the offended. Forgiveness is always the answer.

  • Wednesday- Secrets will eat you alive if you don't fess up and let go.. This episode focused on people that are gay and how they had to live a double life out of fear. This reminded me life shouldn't ever be lived out of fear.
     And that secrets aren't worth keeping
    if it's going to kill you as a person.
     Goes back to who's expectations are you serving.
     God or man? if it's man your doomed. Don't keep secrets!
    Thrusday-Becoming what you believe was the class topic. What Oprah had to say made perfect sense.
     "You don't become what you want or get what you want." But if you work hard, have faith as small as  a mustard seed and if it's God's plan for you to get what you want. Than you will gain it. But most often you get what  you need.. Not so much what you always want. Which might just be exactly what you wanted from the start. 
    But you hadn't  realiz it at the moment. Don't sell yourselves out for others. Dream big and believe in youself.
      I loved this class broadcast. 
    Friday- Then today was "Joy Rising" sighting moments when she paid it forward. Giving back to those who dreamnt big & didn't have the resources to accomplish their dreams. Giving to a single mother of 9 kids and a aspiring actor who couldn't catch a break.  
The entire week I've had so many "Ah-huh" thoughts on what I've learned. But the biggest lesson for a week overview has to be the following.
"Truth taught, lived and regained no matter what mistakes or detours made in life, are very possible to attain, relive and revisit
to take claim of the best life for someone that wants to make a real change."
 I love Oprah's Life Class! 
 Check it out ClickHereO'sClass you will be moved to change, I'm sure.

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