Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dare to Stand Alone

"A person doesn't cry out of weakness but
they cry because they have had to be strong for so long." A quote that is most fitting for this blog & my theme for the past week. That's meant alot of things to me causing me to have a few "Ah-Moments" recounting the times I've personally experienced that quote and witnessing others doing the same. As well as having had countless opportunties to  "Dare to Stand Alone".  Reminding me of a talk ClickHere2Watch given by our prophet Thomas S.Monson. During this past General Conference for priesthood session. Reflecting on how much we're under attack by Satan. How he is so cunning in keeping families broken & full of contention. I've felt that there's no greater way to feed a hungry soul. Than doing all that's possible to nourish their relationship with Heavenly Father.
Taking the opportunity to have an honest one on one with him.
 And personally I've been starving for more of that type
of knowledge recently.
Feening for the spirit to live within me more than ever.
Just to find peace to move forward with a greater purpose.
  So tomorrow will be my first full day of church in my new homeward.
 I'm excited to get back into the groove of things and will be attending w/mom,king tui & baby kengike.
 It's going to be an interesting day.
 Hopefully it'll be a pleasant one
to get things moving,
in the right direction for the upcoming week.
 I pray that you all have a happy Sabbath
 & find that your not standing alone.
 Especially when the lord 
is reaching for you to be closer to him.
Again "A person doesn't cry out of weakness
 but because they have had to be strong for so long."
 Why not rely on God's strength
 instead of your own?
 I promise you'll gain far better
results & peace if you do.

   One of my favorite church
                                Songs :)
                           my cousin Tasi's angelic voice
                               singing w/Musical Truth-

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