Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fear Factor

It's been a week of doctor appointments for King Tui. Who took his baclofen shots today, like a true champ. Which helps relax his muscles. The doctors were surprised that he wasn't making a big fuss and that he  was actually singing during the procedure. I admire tui's strength. Especially since he's overcome so much with his medical condition.
I can't wait for the day he'll get to speak. So he can really tell us. What he's felt about the family over all these years. I'm sure he'll have alot of words for  Anyway he was good today. :)

I just got back from the grocery store about 15 minutes ago . While in the check stand line. I got caught in the middle of a cashier's conversation weigh. On the subject manner of kids & the raising of them. A woman in her early 20's blurts out, "Man I'm glad I'm not a mom, I'm not even ready to have kids."  
While her  co-worker quickly replied back, "Well it's not that bad actually, being a mom." YW's defense: "It's not that bad!? Til they grow up, back talk you, become a drug dealer and doesn't do what they are suppose to, NO THANKS not for me!" I was caught off guard & so was this older lady. We looked at each other and gave a smile as to say "Oh this girl has lots to learn."  And we all went our separate ways. 
On my way out the door. I was still in shell shock over what the young woman had bluntly stated. And I thought "Wow! Really this is the view of young people on motherhood."  It scared me for a few minutes. Listing in my head all of my reasons, of why I'm grateful that I'm not a mother right now.
 To instantly follow a better list. One that formed in my heart with envy :) .
 Over people who have kids & are expecting to have kids
 And At the top of my list thinking 
"Man their blessed to have kids cause they have little mini me's they can educate, dress up, talk to, plan for & marvel over." 
And then came  another realization.
Even though I have yet to experience baring my own children. I to am still blessed and that my time is coming. Even when teased; "Uh Ova your biological clock is ticking, get at it have some kids."
I  still know and have a firm testimony.
 I will have kids. My Heavenly Father has confirmed it. And just like marriage no matter my age. I will one day have a worthy husband and beautiful healthy kids.
(Where ever you are,
you are the one for me)
Just as long as I keep trucking. Making sure my faith doesn't dwindle into disbelief while waiting. Wouldn't want to adapt, the attitude of that young woman in the grocery store 
on motherhood. Though her fears are very valid with the crazy world we live in, faith has to edure over any fear factors.
Or no one would be getting married
not to mention having beautiful children.
 I found the following story online to go with our theme here. And wanted to share what
 real love looks like through this couple's story.
 Click on the link (Hand In Hand ) may we all
work towards these types of relationships with our destined eternal love.

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