Saturday, October 8, 2011

It's a Boy!

This has to be the week of the
 "Afo Nephew" birthdays.
Cause once again we are celebrating
and today it's this lil'fighter Rocky Jr's
special day.
But I can't describe how wonderful
baby Rocc is, w/out talking about his older
brother Ituaumalosi Olotoa Afo,
 aka Baby Tuau..
Another family angel watching over us.
When we lost our brother Tuau
back in  March 2008 due to suicide.
 It tore our hearts apart &
we didn't know what to do.
Second to the youngest brother
 in our family Rocky was
barely holding on at that point.
And at the time he was expecting
sweet Baby Tuau to arrive summer of 2008..
(baby tuau the morning he returned to heaven)
However on July 6,2008 that
 same year we lost baby Tuau too.
He arrived  stillborn and passed away
that morning.
The experience rocked our family even more.
 To lose two love ones in the same year would kill anyone. But til this day we are
 still standing & it's no short of a miracle 
that we were able to survive that year.
But by the grace of God

we were able to endure that type of pain.
The type I wouldn't even wish
 on my worse enemy to have to go through.
And I wanted to mention
baby Tuau because though we
had to say farewell to one angel.
Of whom we will never forget
for the rest of our lives.
We were especially grateful
to find out a few months later
 Rocky & Enna would
be expecting another child.
Who was born the following year
 on Oct 8, 2009
this sweet baby boy Rocky Jr.
entered our world.
When our lives could've been turned
for the worse after losing
Tuau Sr & Baby Tuau. Baby Rocky
came along to me to keep his family together.

I love this little rascal
because he's a tease, very obedient
 and loves to laugh.
But I love this little guy even moreso.
Because for me he's his father's
saving grace and what keeps him motivated.

       Rocc Jr. is the baby of his family right now.
He has an older half brother Tui,
another sibling on their way due Feb 2012.
Gender still unknown but can't wait to hear.
I'm predicting twin girls :) 
Again I love our family grandkids and though
King Tui & I are unable
 to celebrate with Baby Rocc on his special day.
We know he's having fun
swimming w/the family cousins regardless.
I'm grateful for siblings that have created such
amazing kids I can love.
 I hope parents
don't ever forget how blessed they are
to have their own kids.
 Whether biological or adopted
for me being a parent is the
greatest gift anyone could be given.
Can't say it enough love your kids!
Cause you never know when they or you
will be called back home!
Happy Birthday Baby Rocky Auntie Ova loves you!

“The guys who fear becoming fathers don’t understand that fathering is not something perfect men do, but something that perfects the man. The end product of child raising is not the child but the parent.”- Frank Pittman

I would dare to think the same of that quote could be applied to women. :)

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