Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Know Yo'Role!

So tomorrow night will be my first activity with my "Beehive Young Women." I'm not really nervous, because I've been in this calling before. Except it was as "Mia Maid Advisor". The next age group following "Beehive's" in the young women's program. And though I'm not nervous about tomorrow. I really miss my "Lehi Fa'taha" young women (Part 2 Reminiscing over my Lehi Dayz ). Whom were my first set of yw's back in 2009. So I've been struggling with that going into this new calling. Because I want to love these new yw just as much as I did in Lehi.
Because with these new girls & trying to be best prepared in how to serve them. I know they deserve my best. Plus feeling like I did when I got called to being in F.H.E turned Co-chairman w/my old SLC 2nd Ward. Which by the way, they look like their having too much fun without me.lol
 And that's a great thing because I know their growing stronger. Taking on the yw's again I just hope to impact them in a positive way. Which will be noted in future blogs lol.
 So anyway Sunday, a midsingle adult sister gave a great talk. About her transition from ysa life into a family ward wasn't easy. Especially since she wasn't married & her rollercoaster ride of returning back to the Lord wasn't easy at all either.
 She felt as if she was losing her spiritual identity because she was so involved
in the young single adult life then BOOM
she "aged out" of the ward.
 And it was just what I needed to hear.
She talked about not wishing for roles that haven't yet arrived.
Point being, don't wish or want what you don't have yet. But appreciate what you do have. For so long I've been that person that's wished for marriage, wished for my own kids & my own family. Damaging the blessings that were and are available to me today.
The roles of being a complete daughter,
sister and auntie for my family.
Her talk lead to more great counsel from my leaders. Bishop motivating me to be diligent in being here for my yw but more importantly for my family. Then my stake president when asked "Why do you think that we have so many single mid-single adults?" My quick addition to the question. "I blame the men,it's their fault."lol
He then said another question would be
 "Why are there so many inactive midsingles?" He went onto say as ysa's get older they get more set in their ways. When they don't get the blessings they feel their entitled or on their time table. That's where it all begins, becoming inactive in church & inactive in living their covenants.
And some yw men just don't want the responsiblities that comes with marriage. They don't mind the benefits of having a girlfriend & what some girls will allow them to get away with but until their confronted. Their fine with living a non-commital lifestyle. 
And his reply to my statement earlier was and your right! It's the men's fault.lol
We laughed but he counseled don't give up & keep the eternal perspective. Especially when things don't seem fair. Keeping the eternal perspective proves character, the refiner's fire and that we are stronger than we see ourselves.
 And at the end everything will work out for my good & all the why's won't matter.
 I really appreciated all these sources of Sunday strength. And how it's kept me in check this week. I just need to work on my flipping out on people. When it comes to things I can't control.
 Today could've ended out to be a horrible day. But thank heavens I kept the eternal perspective, dad will be here in the morning and I was able to get over myself.
I love my family!


  1. Oh OVA!lol...remember sister YOU cannot control another persons ACTIONS! What & how they handle themselves will in the end reflect what they are ALL ABOUT!...so that's my opinion..lol..Besides, being married isn't all RED ROSES, it has it's challenges and downfalls( & believe me U, I've been through a very difficult time in my marriage, when I thought..."I should've just stayed single"..) But for reo, take ur time & like you mentioned..YOU are keeping those blessings that you are entitled to at a distance because of the blessings YOU believe YOU should be receiving! Gosh how I've been in ur shoes many a times but, it always come back to How the Lord sees my life. Speaking of which, real quick..my aunty has this one friend that we would always see at weddings(never fails), & her comment 2 me was always..aww Bernie, always a bridesmaid never a bride huh? & she would start laughing..annoying! Ok & how come my wedding she gave a us a card w/a check enclosed..& hello the stupid thing BOUNCED!!bwahahahaha..yah who's laughing now trick!lol..sorry wanted 2 share tht!
    As for YW? You'll love those YW probably more than your Lehi YW...You will make a great leader!

  2. hahahaha bernie your so right about everything you said & I have been working hard not to rush it. In the last month I've been like, "You know what Ova you better count your blessings, cause there's still too much you need to learn about marriage." Don't want to gain the blessing & be like "Oh heck no this is what I was begging for LOL".. But moded that friend & her bounce check.. Oka that's what happens when you think your funny..lol Thanks fo'the yw's props.. Love you sis! Have a super weekend. :)


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