Monday, October 10, 2011

Pay Better Attention-HEALING HOOKS

I'm not proud to admit when I've failed in any facet of my life. But when I've discovered that I have failed. And that I haven't paid enough attention, to the important things that are going on in the lives of those I care about most.. That's when I find myself upset or frustrated.
 Which I then revert to being the hardest on myself.Because I should've known better in that instance.  I then in turn begin to "shout myself out" in a need
for greater self-improvement. 
In order to come to a better recognition that not everything is "About Ova"..
So I wanted to begin this message on an "Ah huh moment" type of introduction.
 And what better way than to highlight,
 what I've learned earlier tonight. Then to begin with my feelings on MZ. O.
Watching Oprah on her new tv station
 O.W.N.  Mon-Friday a new hour long series title  "Oprah's Life Class" .
With each episode knowledge is shared.
Oprah creates a school setting
 theme through this new show.  
You couldn't ask for a better teacher. :)
 "Oprahs Life Class"  is access to her thoughts and feelings about what she's learned over the years. 
 In and out of the spotlight of her talk show career. And I love being her student.
 And what better topic to kick off her opening night. Then to discuss the meaning of someones "EGO" and how hers has changed. And I thought how smart to choose this topic. Since many would judge
her for retiring her Oprah Talk Show.
To move on and  purchase her own
network to create a variety of shows.
Solely to be under her complete control. 
Some might label her as having
a big ego for making such a move.
But she's a very strong will, educated woman. I'm sure she doesn't really
let others opinions of her.
 Control her heart otherwise
she wouldn't be so successful.
 But what I loved about this tapping,
 was she opened my mind up 
even moreso.To what truth means to me.
Helping me to avoid  being
 label or categorized
 by materials, titles or people. 
 So a lot of what she encourages,
 is exactly what our church leaders also teach.
 And truth  reconfirmed to me on what she's
trying to teach is real.  So click on the link and check her out.. OprahLifeLessons..
As I was saying earlier. I hate not paying attention to the important things in life. And overlooking what people are going through.
 So as I was surfing facebook while attending Oprah's Class. via internet
via numerous internet windows up at once.
lol just a little addicted.. just a
 Anyway I had come across
my friend Samoana Matagi's video..
We met in 2009 and in Dec 2010
 he went through a very tramatic life changing experience. Now anyone who knows Sam
knows he's a dare devil, filled with life
 and is a very big hearted  person. 
Recently I quickly shot him 
a facebook hello.
And noticed one of his photos, he didn't have hands. And they were replaced with metal.
  Well all I thought was "Hmmm there goes Sam being funny again, I wonder what project is he working on or joke he's tryna pull
 making his hands look like that hmm I thought?" 
So dumb of me not to keep up
and  pay better attention..
That he wasn't playing a joke
and that he really did lose his hands.
 Well it wasn't until today when clicking on this video
did I realize that my friend was in a bad accident at work. That not even facebook feeds or through other people we mutually know. Would give me notice or heads up on my friend's condition and
that this had even occurred.
Regardless that we rarely to never hangout or facebook stalk one (Sam & I)
Sam? Should you be telling me something about facebook stalking? hahaha jp
No but seriously I was upset & felt cheated that I didn't know. That he got into this accident. And Yes I blamed facebook & mutual friends for not keeping me informed. Silly I know when the blame 
really lies on my shoulders.Teaching me not to be so dependant on these other resource to keeping me in the loop of things
of this magnitude. Never again! :)
It was a hard lesson to learn today.
Revealing just how self-absorbed I could be.
Or anyone for that matter. Again a very big "Ahhh Huh" moment.  And watching Sam's video on how he ties his laces now,
 listening to his heartfelt interview on both him and his brother Fatu. Their separate injuries
 and stories are remarkable. Which has strengthen their bond as brothers
in this 2nd video.
 My mind just kept racing with questions. How did Sam survive this sudden change? Because he served an Lds mission did he blame God for this experience How would I react if I were in his shoes?
Experiencing something like that or similar to it.
Would I be the same person? Would I survive? But above all my questions that arose. My biggest most shameful thought was;
 "Why hadn't I been paying attention? And why hadn't I made it an effort to invest more time in keeping up with Sam?
All my questions were
answered through his 2nd video.
"Life without Limbs" featuring Sam.
Which proved to me that we truly do take life for granted.
 When we're on the go 24-7 and don't understand how blessed we are, til we lose what we've been given. 
And what makes me so proud in having the honor to call Sam my friend today.
Is that he is a living testament of what Oprah inspired in me earlier tonight.
That being your true self is letting go of your ego. Stepping out of yourself and not allowing
 your true-self to get wrapped around
 "How Dare this happen to me!"
 But rather Observing the situation and adjusting to new circumstances. Allowing yourself the opportunity to Let Go of what you can't control. In order for God to see you through the uncertainities of life.
Opening my eyes that we have to
value every minute we are afforded.
Making our influence count where ever we go & whatever we must overcome. We can not lose faith...

Please subscribe to their youtube and keep them in your prayers Sam & Fatu Matagi. Thank you sam for giving me permission that I can tell your story
through my blog. I'm a better person today because of you. 
And will be a better friend than I was 
because of your story sam.
Thank You! Life is hard brothers and sisters.
 If it weren't we'd never turn to God.
We never know what will be ahead of us.
Or what tomorrow will bring or take away. But it's my prayer whatever it is that you endure it. With the knowledge God has a plan for you and your family. Like my friend sam keep your ego out of it and let your faithful heart
endure whatever may come...
Sincerely O

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