Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Seasoned Missionary

Exactly a week ago today, I've been enduring my swollen face from my doc. appointment.
 But I still managed to
make it to General Conference.
Because of my best sisterfren Kaki & the rest of our sisters above. It was a much needed conference. Not only to hear from our
 Prophet & Apostles.
 But even equally as important this year. Having time to spend
with amazing friends.
Just to laugh with,
grub with all weekend and 
voice opinions on the male species.lol 
A big plus on the grubbing part.
 I finally got to eat
 a full meal w/out pain.
Chunky monkey bread ooh how I love you!lol
Thank you "Uncle Chucks" aka "Chuckarama!"
I'm still not feeling 100%
 but am happy to get back
to blogging away again.
There were so many amazing
 talks during Conference.
But what was reconfirmed to me.
Had to be that Heavenly Father's
 love is an endless forgiving,
type of love.
 Through our leaders we relearn
how to accept that love
& to renew it constantly.
By keeping the commandments
& principals of Christ teachings.
 Please check out the footage over www.lds.org for yourselves.
To gain your own opinions
 & testimony of 
what we received worldwide
as a church from this past weekend.
And why we do our
 best to live by the these standards
and the very  blessings we are afforded. 
Are  available to you too.
If you take the opportunity to
understand this gospel for yourselves. 
 I was then reminded
that everyone, will eventually turn to God.
Sooner or later
but far better sooner than later..
Either way by their own free
will and choice.
 Or by life's circumstances
that compells someone 
 to recognize that God's love has always been here for them..
A person starts to notice
 something is missing in their lives.
That their hungry for
more spirituality in their hearts.
 And once it's evident that
the choices they've made in the past. 
Doesn't make them horrible people,

as they may have label
 themselves to being.
 Hope is then created
and people start to make
their way back to God.
It just takes a small seed of
faith in God to get there. 
And that they discover
 we are all sinners
 & his love isn't conditional
 to just those who go to church
verses to those who don't go.
But how important it is to go
in order to strengthen ourselves
& others by attending.
 That because we are all his children.
 He has given us the gift of repentance to
prove the capacity of love 
he holds for each of us.
So that we will return to him.. 
Whether a person is a member
or not of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He sent Christ to sacrifice
his life that we wouldn't have to suffer
as his only begotten son did.
So he provides  G. Conference to clearly express that across the board. A resource to uplift,free and guide us to him. That we may endure this life to the best of our
abilities with his help.
 That on the Lord's
Time & his Way we will gain lasting
 Not only to believe in him but to
 In every heartache, joy & need.
He knows what we want
even before we ask.
Again check out the talks via
lds.org to see how you feel.
Don't just take my word for it!

Fano still needs your support pls

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