Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Baby Hungry

Today was my nephew KENGIKE OLOTOA'AFO VAINUKU birthday.
 He's 3yrs old going on 13 lol..
 And thinks he's everyones boss.
 I totally agree with an old saying
 that I heard awhile ago.
God created babies so that we can fall in love with them. When they look like this>>
<<<<<<<<< or like this,so when they grow up & throw fits. These are the images that we remember. So we don't remain upset for whatever they might've done at that moment. lol God is a very smart God for sure! Well kengike can be a handful at times. He loves to give his grandma flo a hard time. But even on his off days he is a blessing to us. Making us laugh with his dance moves,
off the wall jokes, singing and helpful ways.
(When he's not yelling my toy dalva!)
Which brings daily entertainment into our lives.That I wouldn't know how we'd be without him or any of the other Afo grandkids.
Life probably wouldn't be as fun.
 I know their going to be amazing leaders when they grow up. Looking forward to the day I will have kids of my own.
So they can be just as challenging ooops lol 
I mean just as adventuous & whitty
 as Baby k & the rest of our Afo grandkids. I'm blessed to be their auntie.
Even if they think I'm the strict & mean Grateful for the training they give me.
Of what a mama should be in the future.
(me messing around pretending to be
pregnant @sister sarahs baby shower
 baby hungry? what's that? lol)
 So I know once my bunch are born,
they'll be just as properly trained.
By these rascals. Cause I'm truly truly blessed to be their auntie.Witnessing their growth & experiencing
how to value kids:)
Well we ended the evening with
pizza,cake & ice cream. 
And monster boy loved it!
Happy Birthday to my chunky
 b.boy baby k! Auntie Dalva aka Ova
Loves YOU!
                  Here's King Tui chilling w/me
after our cake & ice cream
party for Kengike :)


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