Saturday, October 22, 2011

When You Know Better, You Do Better

Brief breakdown on this past week in one word, would have to be "Productive." Learned lots and spent alot of time with family. And of course taking in a daily dose of "Oprah's Life Class." Here are some of my class highlights from this past week;
Take responsiblity for your life, aging beautifully and how joy rising can make great impacts. I've come to a greater understanding of self-purpose, self-reflection and self-acceptance. And when you can come to an awakening of what that means to you. Your eyes are more focused on what you have & being grateful for every blessing
Rather than focusing
 on what you  don't have &seeing blessings as just trials.
When in actuality they are blessings.
 I can testify living with a perspective of greater gratitude in your heart.
All aspects of life become a canvas
of higher education to a whole new world. And like Oprah quoted from Maya Angelou.
"When you know better, you do better." 
Hope you read my post I got from one of my
ysa friends-Lee Langi (If tomorrow never comes) especially if your having issues with your boo thang.  Have a great weekend & keep the "lovely outlook" in mind.
Here's Joy Rising when in the service
of your fellowmen & women in your life.
Will you find someone to serve & bring
joy to today?

Stevie Wonder's Big Surprise
In 2004, singer Jake Simpson appeared on The Oprah Show, but he had no idea that his idol, Stevie Wonder, was about to surprise him on Oprah's stage! Watch one of Oprah's favorite joy-filled moments of all time.

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