Sunday, October 16, 2011

Why Your Prayers Matter

We go about our lives
everyday always wanting more.
 More money,
more love and at times more power.
Power over what we allow to rule over us.
  And what actually does rule us and causes us to choose what we do on a daily basis.
 Some of these choices gives us joy from time to time. 
And on other occassions
some choices cause us misery.
 But what I'm coming to realize, is in it all.
All we really want out of life is
 more  peace of mind.
It's my privilege and honor to post these photos of my love one Fano Galeai. 
The same Fano I've begged
 for prior to this  post.
 That each of you would please 
donate money or pray for
during this difficult time.
As he endures his suffering each day.
 And I just want you to
see through these images. 
Of why we still need your help.
 But also to witness what
your prayers have meant.
 Which have been instrumental 
in getting him through this far.
 My heart is full &
my faith is strengthen
of just how much
 Heavenly Father loves us all.
Especially Fano & the example
Fano's been during this whole experience
while he's recovering.
That we could further
encourage you all to please
research Fano's story and help where you can. (PlsClickHere ) Your donations matter! especially if your reading this and you might foolishly think & feel that it doesn't.
I'd like to stress to each 
of you  that it does matter..
 Read up on this talk and know that we're all battling something. (“So Cast Not Away Therefore Your Confidence” - Jeffrey R. Holland)
 Please choose to be an answer to that person's prayer.
By serving as much as possible.
(This guy & his Laie Boi sign) lol
 Cause you never know when you might be in their shoes. Life's unpredictable like that & God truly works in mysterious ways.

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