Monday, November 14, 2011

Coming Home

The past two days I haven't been able to really get good rest. But today was a blessing for our family. Celebrating King Tui & our belated bro. Tuau Afo's birthdays.
 King Tui of course woke up hecka early.. Let's say Monday @ midnight to be exact & after his normal midnight routine. He knocked back out & didn't get back up til 11am.. We sang happy birthday twice. Two cakes to let him know just how special he is to us. The family came over & the menu was simple. Kalo,Rice,Corn beef w/onions & cabbage, La Choy chicken, his cake & ice cream. We remembered Tuau being that if he were here. We'd be celebrating his 33rd birthday & of course today MTV Jams just happened to have Doc Dre,Snoop & Tu-pac videos. So I'd like to believe that Tuau was with us. Before Tuau passed those artist were his type of musiq. So thanks to everyone pitching in for dinner. We ate tons. And Sister Teuila always thinking of us. Tui's gonna get a special birthday present from them on Friday. Another one of our Mapu cousins Lacee had her baby girl Penina Rae this evening. Talk about all these beautiful nieces & nephews that are adding onto our family. Plus my sister-in-law Enna should be finding out their baby's gender next Monday. We are super blessed 
as usual.  

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