Monday, November 28, 2011

Flying With Angels

Man fellow bloggers I'm so sorry for being the barer of badd news. I wouldn't blame you guys if you decided to delete me from your blog. But man when it rains it truly pours. I pray that this is my last post about death & overcoming the feelings that come from that life experience. This past saturday one of my favorite aunties from childhood passed away. A woman of strength, humor, spirituality and a heart of gold. Willing to serve without being asked & never one to purposely turn away from the opportunity to fullfill a calling. Especially that of being a mom,wife and sister. My dear auntie vena mapu finau.

(She's the one in the middle of this pic)

Families matter & with faith anything in this life can be overcome. ANYTHING! here's to you auntie keep flying high..


  1. OMG...I don't know if FB is always the best place to hear such tragic news but, that is how I got the news. I spoke with Rosie last night & my heart just broke listening to Rosie explain(shortly) how Ven passed. She was such a great woman! Memories fluttered back on when I did shows with her & Rosie...laughter & tears both filled my soul. How it happened also brought back sad memories of my own family accident. How thankful I am that we understand the Plan of Salvation & know that they TRULY are in a better place. I will miss her! Even after years have passed, when I would run into her...hi bernz? so what you been up to?! Ven will forever be missed & loved! Thoughts & prayers to her beautiful young family & all extended family. Hang in there O! Love ya~

  2. Thanks sis.. All I kept thinking was wow really? Right now.. But it just proves that Heavenly Father is a loving father & he really knows what we need & when we need it. I instantly thought of your family when we heard about auntie vena. That time was hard & makes me nervous of what's ahead for kinga & narnar. But whatever happens it's in the Lords hands & we'll just have to lean on faith.. I love you bernie and I know auntie did to cause if she didn't she'd never ask fo'update..hahaha not even aye even if she was irrits w/special ppl she still show forth charity.. Anyway love you sis haven't seen rose but probably in a couple of hours. :) aye se still waiting on a blog post. chop chop lol

  3. Love this lady:) Will miss and never forget her gorgeous smile and beautiful personality! Keep us in the 808 posted on Narnar and Kinga pls. Lots and lots of love and prayers!


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