Thursday, November 17, 2011

Go Getta

I've been dying to post a blog but because of my mood swings. I just didn't feel like posting, re-editing a zillion times & then end up unsatisfied. The sad revealation  of my perfectionist side 
Anyway here I am finally getting in an update of my week. Yesterday I not only got one job. But I landed two jobs and I was super proud of myself. Because Monday I said I was gonna have a job by the end of this week. But I didn't have one & didn't know where I was going to get one. However I was determined to get employed because being jobless Especially when you can't buy stuff.
Oreos, Sushi hmmm getting my eyebrows ok that was t.m.i  hahaha
But with the holidays coming up & my family paying for everything. I had to push harder to get something! anything!
 So where did I turn? None other than to Heavenly Father. But this time I came to recognize even more clearly of a couple of things. One-his tender mercies and how he is constantly blessing us. But we only see those blessings, when we're not complaining about what we don't have. And actually focus on what we do have & what he's trying to give us. If we'd just breathe, wait on him & his timing. Two-How grateful I am that through others my prayers are answered. I was able to attend the Temple & perform baptisms for the dead. And one of the workers suggested that I'd set a goal to come more often. He pointed out one important reason. Would be because in attending the temple regularly. I'm able to witness miracles. And I knew that was something I was short of right now. So his suggestion was taken in very seriously.
 Well that was Tuesday & then Wednesday is when I got the jobs. And I know without a doubt it was due to me putting God first. 
So this week I learned that I've been slacking. That I needed that boost reminder. 
To get me back on track of being more proactive at making things happen.
My eyes have  stronger awareness & testimony that if you want something badd enough you can get it.
Which has to be worked for & sealed with faith.
I think Oprah said it in one of her classes when talking about dreaming big. That not even the sky should be a limit. If you can imagine past the sky, anything is possible. And this past week through my experiences I know that to being true. And am excited for more life lessons that are awaiting me.
On a lighter not "Breaking Dawn" of the twilight series comes out tonight. And I really don't care for the movie. 
 It's alright & I can get through them.
But I'm more excited that I'll get to spend time with my sisters to watch it.
The highlight to laugh & catch up with Teuila,Veronica & Vallene.
The movie is just an attraction for the bonus of what makes going fun. Which is again to be with them.
I forgot if their Team Edward or Jacob fans.. But I'm Team Jacob all the way..
 Enjoy your weekend you all :) and my jam for the week :)

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