Sunday, November 13, 2011

"God is in the Details"

It's a sunny picture perfect semi-wintery Sunday afternoon. Had our Su'a'paia family reunion bake sale last night. My sister the consistant supporter attended on our behalf. And she was kind enough to bring us back goodies. Brownies, half-moon pie,banana bread and cookies.
 A heavenly sight for me but not very helpful in toning down "Baby Greta".
Just got out of my planning meeting with my beehive young women. I forgot how much energy they would have & how they'd do little things I wouldn't be use too off the bat. Already I'm relearning a lot of things. I taught establishing "Good Healthy Habits" & so this week's goal is to live out that challenge. I'm beginning to witness how my converison is changing. How my tolerance is opening up & the importance of what Sister Lily said today in our meeting. "Love every person as a "specific" not as a person who is a "general" among a crowd." Meaning everyone is a person not a number. For some odd reason that was especially profound to me today. Reminding me no one wants to be invisible & everyone should be recognized for their strengthens, comforted in their weaknesses & uplifted while facing their trials.
I applied for Financial Aid hopefully to start school in May. Crossing my fingers because I need to get the ball rolling for higher education. I will have a full-time job by the end of this week. Eight hours from when this blog is posted King Tui will be 19yrs old. For the king, yes I have to count In two days my cousin Kinga Mapu Finau returns from his NZ mission. Excited to see & hear from him. Hoping I don't have to teach yw's when he gives his return report. So I can attend his program :) And that's about it fellow bloggers. Make it a positive week! :) I dare you!

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