Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy 11-11-11 & Veterns Day!

Winter is fast approaching us & today I got to rack leaves with my brother-in-law Aisea Vainuku. I can't say neither one of us was really excited about it at first. But it was nice to actually get out in the fresh air and move around. Instead of my usual camping on facebook, various internet sites & of course blogging. While out today I started to miss my mission families and thinking of just where my life is heading right now. Which felt good to evaluate while getting my exercise on w/them
 I thought of the day and how it's 11-11-11. The 11th month of the year (Nov), 11th day of the year. This year being 2011 (dropping 20 & keep 11, at the end of that creating 11-11-11) Yesterday on the "Talk Show" a numerologist was explaining this would be a perfect day to set goals and light a white candle while doing it.
So romantic right?lol She went onto say, that if you set these goals you could totally have them completed by New Years. Something about because 11-11-11 is such a special day & that it doesn't occur often. You'd have good luck.
 I just think these superstitions are funny. And when their descriptions are close to how a person is in real life, I find that even more funny. The rest of the day was laundry,cleaning & now more online camping. I really miss my old ward but you guys already know that LOL.. Oh my cousin Leeann Mapu Volavola had her son EJ this morning. He's beautiful.. What an awesome time to be born.
(stolen copy :) to show lee's son off)

Especially as we honor our veterns today. I've found that the older I'm getting the more I'm grateful for & the most gratitude goes to those who fight for our freedoms. Through all we complain about on a daily basis and wish  we had in our reach. We truly are a spoiled bunch & shouldn't just show our thanks during the holidays.
(Another stolen photo of Fano improving, Laie Boi so'o lol)
 I am blessed and recognize it's all due to a loving family, solid friendships & trials overcome that provides me lasting joy. Especially when I concentrate on bragging about my blessings & not wailing about my hardships.
Happy Veterns day! 2 more days til King Tui & Tuau's birthdays! I didn't get to watch the country music awards this past week. :(  But in rememberance of everything that happened this past week. Here's my jam for the night! "Remind Me"
I love these two their harmonies & her echos are tight.!

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