Sunday, November 6, 2011

I See Who He is...

The end of my last post was pretty depressing wouldn't you say?lol Well good thing like the saying goes "When life throws lemons at you make lemonade." And no I didn't make lemonade nor do I plan on making But today I have lots to be thankful for and that would explain the mood change. Not only was today a beautiful sabbath and the kids cheerfully got back to their
Probably appreciating them & the freedom to act however cause their not with "Auntie Meanie" But today I met my niece Melesa Masuisui Afo ,Vice & Maryann's daughter that I told you all about. She is gorgeous isn't she?
And just when I thought we missed her baby blessing. God pulled through & the special moment will actually occur next month. So for sure we're not going to be late & it'll be good to see my cousins. I at least got to visit w/my Mapu sisters. Heidi & Tile Mapu laughing up a storm w/Mz Tile. One of the ushers forgot to give us the water for sacrament. And if anyone knows me & even w/you that don't know me. But have come to have an idea of who I am. When this hardworking priesthood holder forgot us. My usual self would've stood up & make lol (encourage) him to correct his oversight. But today I refrained which gave Tile & I a good laugh. Cause the whole incident though would've been funny. Of course would've been super distracting for everyone. So I just let it sly for both the young mans sake as well as my Anyway while logging onto facebook. I was sadden by the news that one of our choir sisters passed away. "Uini Blue IloIlo Tipeni"
aka "Blue" as she was known to us.
 One of our o.g members & the funniest, most down to earth, lovable, ainokea type of attitudes you can ever meet. But even at that one of the biggest hearts you'd ever be blessed enough to know. I miss her but am happy she's onto the next phaze of her life. To prepare a place for her family. Death isn't easy to live through or attempt to prepare for in this life. It never has and will never be easy. But I know when we have a sound understanding of death coupled with a humble attitude. Our understanding will always lead us to remember God knows best. Then the pain isn't heavy to carry. Cause while we're holding that heartache.. Heavenly Father is carrying us so we won't give up. Which should NEVER BE AN OPTION. Love you Blue!
Now remember the song I told you all I fell in love with last post. Well here it is & not to keep this on a sad note over this post. I love this song written by a sister I love.
EtiVise Wolfgramm Epenisa which she's dedicated to her belated eternal companion. A true testament of eternal love, endurance and faith. Hoping to keep you married folks aware that covenant is a privilage to be cherished. Not a relationship to be trampled over & misused in anyway. Don't take advantage of what you have today. Just to have it taken away & then remorsefully appreciated because you no longer have that gift. Thank you vise for beautiful musiq!

P.S. still mowing over the whole
online dating choice. Praying I don't regret my :)
"Baby Greta" needa "babe daddy" and if online dating is the place to look. Then mama's gonna have to be humble.baaahhahaha But like I said still
mowing over We'll see cause I swear
I know him, just a matter of finding him
here kitty kitty where are you. Oh how I kill myself w/my humor. hahaha lol

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  1. Hahahah..YOur too funny...Stop mowing over it and just take a leap of faith and he will let you know if its right or not. Sometimes he just wants us to make the choices and then he'll help lead us in the right direction. So lets getting going cause when you call kitty kitty he will come but he will also ya sis, keep the posts coming...hahaha.


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