Thursday, November 10, 2011

Joy Rising

So we're grown adults right? And I can mention my "monthly friend" without anyone getting grossed out right? lol And you sisters know when I mention "monthly friend" what I'm talking about. Cause you guys have the same friend right?lol Well this post isn't so much about that, as it does have a vital part of why I've been having so many mood swings & melt downs.
But today wasn't one of those days like my recent postings.
There are three ways I know when my "monthly friend" is gonna pay me a visit. Which maybe totally T.M.I for you all but humor me, I have a point. 
  •  I get really angry w/family quick.
  •  I cry over everything.
  •  I get super tired out of no where.
And this past week it was emotional tear sesh for days. So today we got together with the choir for blu's tribute video. And all these choir memories and having Aniva & Scott Lao from the og's just made the gathering that much more emotional.
Aniva is first cousin's with Blu & so I was able to maintain til right before we closed out. Then came the water works.
But what made me super happy was after we had a short testimony sesh. The spirit was so strong. And when we'd sit to tease, remince of old days and moments created that very minute. The gratitude I have for each of these choir members was so overwhelming. They think they know what it means of how valued they are to us. But they won't really know til we're separated by death. And so I hope through all of our disagreements, offenses towards one another & time spent apart. Its my prayer one day each member will remember the impact they've given & that they were always something to someone. Because for me they are truly my DHC Aiga. Through the good times & the bad. They mean everything to me. I ended out the night with laughs w/these two naughty
Dawn Taufui & Sita Naisilai :)
I haven't laughed so hard in so long. At one point of our bonding time. A man leaving the restaurant stops by us and says "Hey what did they put in there?" Referring to our drinks & we were weirded out & couldn't stop laughing. But Sita was the winner esp since she like ai errrrryfang..hahahaha instant sock on her 
 I'm sure Blu was looking down from heaven thinking these nutheads..
Joy rising with the people I love & know exactly why they were placed in my heart during this time. :) #Grateful

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