Monday, November 21, 2011

Love Me Some Him

Since Thursday I've just been on cloud nine. But it doesn't mean I haven't had some major thunderstormy moments & gloomy downpouring of negative emotions here & there during this past week.
And yet it's been nice getting through those negative feelings. 
Taking on the example of my nephew Baby KForgiving instantly & forgetting anything that has gotten to me or has frustrated me for no good reason or excuse. If you want to really learn what forgiveness is to be. I'd have to say observe offending a kid & how quickly they bounce back. Forgetting the offense you or someone else has inflicted on them. And I promise you, you'll wanna follow their leading example.
Because out of the mouth of babes are we taught what unconditional love is suppose to look like and how to exercise forgiveness. Their approach works & humility will have been gained, taught and applied..
So this  weekend we watched "Breaking Dawn" w/my sisters. Manda & Marlene one night. Then Veronica,Vallene w/suprise members of our sisterhoood. Lieta,Pou,Sia Finau & her daughter, Sarah Ava, Leets & Alayna Galeai, bro Tala & running into Sister Kinga Vaituu. Made for happy days @ the movies.
But in preparation for the Thanksgiving & calming myself down when things would tend to get hectic. I've been grateful for the spirit of gratitude that's been with me. I broke my pack to myself about staying away from my old ysa ward til  our New Year's Dance would come up. But I gave in & went back to my beloved single adult SLC 2nd ward on Saturday night. Of course I couldn't pass it up being that it was a causal dress code &  dance. So after 2 months & six days of being away. I felt prompted by Heavenly Father that I needed to be there. And so after getting a facebook encouraging post from my bro Jared Fano to attend. I went with great company!
yes another stolen photo
lol that's "j" w/his niece :)
sorry ladies he's engaged!

Meena, Jazzy & I 
in the hall
after the dance
So the dance was perfect & they played Beyonce "We like to Partay" And my favorite jams "Sunshine Girl" I think by Jboog and "Keep it Real" Jon B, Coko & J.Z.
Dancing the Night away w/my sistahs
Manu Fiefita & Tia

And that just made my night.
To be there and enjoy catching up with my friends was priceless. :)

And this is why I love SLC 2nd

I keep getting new job offers & am so happy. Because the 12hr shift Fri-Sun job I landed isn't ideal but a blessing.Well not to mention still getting my feet wet w/my young women of the Southgate Ward. Teaching is so empowering & learning from them is non-stop. Not only did I get to be w/them but today I was able to go back to my other old ward. Lehi 41st & only wish I had more time to have had in saying hi to everyone. But this handsome cousin of mine returned from his mission and his home coming was yesterday.
 Kinga (Mapu) Finau NZ Auckland Mission
Farewell Lehi 41st

My brother Kinga Finau. He doesn't look that much different from that photo. His testimony was so powerful & on fire for missionary work. I was so proud to have had the opportunity to hear his feelings of how he's grown. And I couldn't have made it w/out my sistahfren Dawn Taufui & her family. Her sister Emma is Kinga's best friend & she'll be returning from serving in the Texas Mission. Just a constant reminder to me as an return missionary to be better & don't get lazy in the work. Which I have to admit I can & will be doing way better. Well to end out the night I got the opportunity to drive up to Draper Temple w/another sisterfren Mander Johnson.. Yes us and our random Temple Adventures. It was pretty high on the mountain top but worth the drive.

The photo barely does it justice as to how beautiful the temple is in real life.  I'm ready for another week of new insights, surprises & making new friends. Next Sunday I'll be checking out the mid-singles ward with friends. That's gonna be something to blog about I'm sure.hahaha
I'm lightweight excited since things have been slow around these parts for the last 2 months & 6 days & however many hours to the micro-second of my life.hahaha
Well enjoy my new jam for the day! It's by Mya featuring Marques Houston-Love Me Some You..
I feel he's getting closer guys! Just hope I don't brush him off mistaking someone else as the real deal. :0)
Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Sounds like you had such a fun weekend!! I dont know what those are anymore. Fridays and Saturdays feel just like any other day. Sad! My brother is currently serving in the NZ Auckland mission!! He comes home in February. Im sure your friend served with him. :) Happy Thanksgiving Ova! At the next dance, dance for me too!!

  2. EXCUSE me!! Ms OVERLAND!! Why didn't you tell me you were going to the mid singles? Next time you better say something so I can go too. Grrr...LOL..Oh and we are in need of another temple run! The oquirah Temple perhaps? :)


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