Sunday, November 6, 2011

Seasonal Fall Back

There's not a sound in the house but the touch of my fingers against this keyboard. And the background music of a song that I have fallen in love with, which I'll blog about later this week. Eleven minutes to 2 am and then we'll be setting our clocks back an hour.
Due to the fact that today is daylight savings weekend.  Welcoming in the snowy winter wonderland we have had these last two days. With the recovering of King Tui this past week. I volunteered to baby sit for my siblings kids last night. So we had a full house and if their kids could choke me. They probably would for my house And though at times they would get out of hand. Rochelle, Baby Rocky & Kengike accompained by little Tui.  All they'd have to do is smile or say something sweet & I'd melt in their hands. But being the "mean auntie" I'd never clue them in on I would just slyly make a joke or lower my tone of voice to let them know that my "barking" wasn't really that scary. lol But it was out of love. Anyway their sound asleep and it was a good night. King Tui was very happy to have them over as well as the rest of us.
Today our brother Vice Afo had his baby shower. He and his wife maryann adopted her brother's baby girl Melesa Masuisui Afo. So happy & proud of them and can't wait to meet the little angel. Got to talk to my sister rena ripley today. Her and the rest of our sugarhouse sisters are working on their music. And doing great & so sushi on her in a few weeks. Can't wait lol! Other then that just been enjoying time blogging my life a way and because of my old yw's Mel & Marie Pakalani. I'm totally addicted to "Words with Friends" off of facebook. And am only barely getting good. Aside from resigning matches when ppl score 100 plus points over me lol It actually is a good game. oka I know so But maybe not as depressing then what I'm about to Prepare yourselves for a good laugh. Cause you thought that picture of "Baby Greta" was something. Well you ain't heard or seen nothing Drumroll please... or should I say "Hey YOU! yes you! call 911 it's an emergency I'm about to flatline with this breaking news I'm gonna share"..hahaha
Alrightie here's my news.
I am highly considering joining an online dating service. These types of sites are to help people meet one another. And believe you me! This isn't an ideal thing to admit that I'm considering or even want to use as a dating tool. But at this point.. Which may sound like my very own personal breaking point. Slash midsingles melt down. At giving up on men that just won't WAKE UP.LOL 
 I've come to consider online dating may have to be my option right now.  And not only because I'm tired of doing all the asking. Resulting to one or two dates that lead to nothing at the end. I'm running out of ideas of what approach to take up.  Ask him out? and be judged as being desperate!
Don't ask him out!  and be judged as a coward. I just don't know anymore & that just makes dating undesirable..
Anyway I'm not bitter fellow bloggers.
Nor am I desperate to date anyone right now. I'm just trying, not to lose my desire to date. Been there & don't wanna revisit that space. Well this was my venting out on online dating becoming a big possiblity. Even though my heart has a name but my fear of repeated rejection. Won't let me explore a follow through.. Oh the joys! Move forward or like the hours of this season should I just fall back?That is the :) Oka give me a heart attack instead! That would seem so much less dramatic, arrrgggh... :)


  1. buahahahaha....Come on fellow online dater...hahaha..Its not that bad. And you can just block them if you don't want them bugging you...hahahaha. Its as simple as that. Your too funny with your posts....haha

  2. Just call me "Doctor Funny" w/no "Money" maybe that can be my screen discription..hahaha I don't know.. But I got to counsel w/the Lord big time on this subject matter. Don't wanna jump the gun just to end up shooting myself in the foot.. And have to hiyah some guy who doesn't live up to his profile..hahaha eh anyway when & if it happens you know I will blog about it.. Thanks for the testimonial on online dating sis.. love ya!


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