Friday, November 4, 2011

U.G.L.Y! You UGLY! Yah Yah!

 You ain't got no alibi! You ugly!lol Do you remember that cheer? If you forgot how it goes. Check out these cheerleaders. "Bring it on" cheers ain't got nothing on And the lead lady I swear she was the auntie off of the "Jamie Foxx Show"

Anyway I wanted to bring this topic up because this post is centered on beauty. And since the holiday season is fast approaching and everyone is concerned about weight gain or loss. I figured I'd throw out my thoughts on the issue. Raised as a dancer for our family Polynesian show. I remember growing up admiring my older girl cousins & their beauty. But always thinking, why are they always so worried about their weight? Especially since they were and are so gorgeous. Inside & out! And it didn't help that my pops & uncles were always keeping tabs on everyone. Making sure everyone kept & maintain a certain size. Bad! just one of the reasons, my girl cousins were so concerned about their weight! Which sucked! Because all of us look back now. At our old photos with thoughts of, "Man I wish I was that size again." Left to believe that back then we were fat. Well we must be some superdupa obese hotties If that was the standard for being fat. Longing for that time when  
 we was some skinny minis. At least that's what I keep telling myself.
So I decide to conceive the idea of this self created bellybump right here. Taking the approach of a pregnant woman's process and turn my idea into a weight loss tracker. Since my bellybump has taken that form of a prego lady's size. And nope I'm not pregnant though it may look like it. :)  :( lol  And so the next 9 month's I'll be blogging about my bellybump.
I've even have gone as far as naming her.
Meet Baby Gret conceived Thursday Nov.3,2011. Details to be posted in future blogs. This is to track my attempt in toning Baby Greta. lol 
To journal the importance of appearance. Upkeep and the emotions that go along with weight loss. At any age or stage of  a common women's life, like myself to try & pursue & retain my sanity, in a world almost at times possessed on the matter of weight loss..
Here is Baby Greta at hmmm?? I don't know a month? lol I don't know I've never been prego.. So you mommies or soon to be mommies correct me if I'm wrong. lol
Sorry the angle sucks because I'm not good at these kind of photoshoots. Anyway I feel it important to teach women the value of what beauty should mean to them. In sharing my progress through this project. I can't point out enough that this is for a persons only personal pace. I want to prevent you my sisters & fellow blogger friends. To keep from falling victum, of comparing yourselves to other women and what their weight loss successes are & have become Enlightening that you should be your own competitor. Instead of sizing yourselves up against other women.  So we can begin to see & recognize ourselves as who we truly are to those that matter. First of all yourself first & then everyone else's opinion is secondary. Not vice versa to trump your own opinions..
 That each woman is a  beautiful,inspiring,"more than their bodies", smart,spiritual giant type of woman. And if we never get to these worldly model sizes.

Or the sizes of our old youth pictures. It really is ok! Just as long as we keep ourselves at a health size. And losing the weight safely. So you can enjoy your families for many years to come. Oh ya! that's another reason I wanted to tone my Baby Greta. In hopes when I do have my own kids. My body is up to par and I don't add to any health complications. That could put them at risk. I hope you sisters come to a realization that you are exactly what I'm saying. B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L! You BEAUTIFUL, Bah Bah Baaah BEAUTIFUL! You ain't need no alibi.

 In my goals in controlling my weight. The biggest helper has been don't stress the small stuff, don't pay mind to people that are energy suckers & lean on those that can keep me/you keep above water. So you or I don't drown in our sorrows. And if your losing weight for a man. That's a gurantee plan to fail! If you go that way. Losing weight for the wrong reasons is a free ticket to stress. Which can end up to being fatal or setting yourself up for a longterm eating disorder. That goes for not eating as much as it does for over-eating. Eating your emotions isn't healthy.
I know that for a fact from personal experience.
 If that man ain't going to love you for you & motivate you to lose weight in a positive way. Not only is he not a real man in my book. He doesn't love you! Let me say that again so you get it. HE DOESN"T LOVE YOU & is seeking after a trophy wife or girlfriend to put out on disply. When he himself, may look like an overweight couch potato or a fathead wannabe Mr.GQ.. When his inner appearance is as shallow as his outter. He is not the business or one that should be entrusted with your heart my sisters.
 You get my drift? Hope you do! So lose it right is all I want to stress or just lose the Either way do it for you!
 My saving grace today was my sister Teuila. I've mentioned how my mom can drive me crazy. Well with uplifting encouragement and comments to make me laugh. Teuila help me see I need to relax & just breathe. So what could've been worse actually turned out for the better.

Here's King Tui before he went into surgery this past Tuesday to remove his tonsils. They were getting to big and blocking his airway. He did great & has been recovering really good. Isn't he handsome? I know it!lol
Well here's my least jam gotta love beyonce! Hoping
to getting my  dance party on soon. Haven't gone dancing since I aged out of the singles ward. It sucks and I miss going big time! Omg midsingles wards get with it! :)


  1. hahahahaha...U CRACK ME UP!! I wish i were bold enough 2 take a side pic of myself but, i'm sure u can picture what i look like by reading what i weigh now!lol...annoying!
    Good luck on ur venture to lose baby I try to lose my baby triplets..hahaha.

  2. BTW: who cares if my profile pic is of when i was ALOT younger?!bwhahaahahaha...

  3. lol bernie yes who cares cause you still as beautiful now as you were then.. hahahaha you know me I love to self-blast myself. It keeps me humble.. But fo'reo! I was watching this lady on oprah's life class last night. And home chick has struggled w/her weight for along time. So one day she just wanted to free herself. So she decided to sport a bikini & ran through her neighborhood. To free herself from being so worried about people. I was aiming to be that bold but then remember. Oh ya can't unless I wanna lose my temple But I promise when I get baby greta toned up.. I will dare to sport at least a one piece & maybe post'em.hahaha or we can have a beyonce Who rules the world?? GURLS! wHO RUNS THE WORLD? same! Gurls.. Love you sis have a great weekend.

  4. P.S and that hahahahaha was for the self blast.. Not cause I said you was beautiful.. You know I think faster than I can type.. run on sentences to match run on


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