Wednesday, November 9, 2011

You Stupid Cheater! How Could You!

Now social networks have it's ups & downs, right? It could be used for good but most of the time, it's a space where bad news is usually reported. For instance two LDS missionaries in Texas were in a hit & run car wreck. And because we're already dealing with our sister "Blu" passing away this week. I really didn't  want to know the details on these missionaries getting hit. Plus my favorite MC Heavy D passed away too, I think just yesterday. All the sad news has been taking it's toll.  But one of my sisterfrens actually knew and served with  the missionaries that passed away.
So there was no dodging the news.

She reported that they died upon impact.
Which is so sad that there are such cruel people out there, that would do such a thing. And not stop to help who they injured.
 My heart goes out to these missionaries & their families.
I could only imagine what their going through.
Well in my last post I was talking about overcoming & facing my challenges. But today I wish I could report something uplifting & optimistic. And yet at the rate of the way this week has been heading, at the moment I can only bring more sad news.  Just when I thought "Ok I'm coo, I'm  about ready to get my dating on again, give men a fair gain to capturing my heart." Especially since my sisterfrens manda & marlene took me to Temple Square this past Sunday. To clear my mind, recomit in being proactive again and jump back onto the dating radar. 
I was this ------- close to going full force.
But then I came across a disturbing post. That one of my cousin's that I consider my twin & sister. Her status facebook  update informed us that  her husband has been cheating on her. That his mistress blasted him about the affair. And that's how my sister found out.  This other woman had the nerve to tell my sister everything & that it has been going on for five months.
Now I know I'm not suppose to be mad at the woman, because it does take two to tangle.
And with her coming forth was probably a blessing in disguise. Cause who knows if my cousin's husband would've ever man up.
But doesn't mean it was any comforting for my sister. And I believe this year he's been married to my sister for five years.
While he was been getting his side action from this other woman.
This isn't my first time coming across cheaters. Through my parents experience, other family members & friends. I've had to witness this type of incident one too many times..  And for a single woman it just becomes that much harder to want to get married or involved with anyone. I love this sister of mine so dearly and hate that she's going through this right now. I don't know what I would do if I were in her shoes.
 But I know what I would want to do. lol
 Especially because I know she loves her husband so much & she has been nothing but the best wife a person can be in a marriage.
Sometimes that can mess a person up with what would be the best choice.

Whether your a man or woman that cheats. My personal belief is that the cheater is so selfish & a true cowarded. Marriage is such a sacred agreement. And if your still in a "me,me,me" state of being & mind. Then by all means DON'T DATE OR GET MARRIED.. Especially married because if you decide to cheat off the bat or later in life, you just prove what an idiot you truely are to yourself,wife & everyone in your circle. And if you have children in the mix then your even triple times the idiot that doesn't deserve a family.  Anyway! This is not a good day & the verdict is in and I'm NOT Gonna to pursue ONLINE DATE.. If truth can be tainted & embellished over those dating websites. I can only imagine how much more farther from the truth people can be in real life... Making the whole dating process even more difficult to experience. If your a player than I'm sure to be your #1 hater! aRRRRRGGGGhhh my poor sister!


  1. aww O...don't let that stop u from hitting the "dating" scene...yes there's alot of jerks out there but, with the grace of God...there really still some great guys out there! As for your cousin, that sucks...I have alot to comment on tht subject but will refrain for now! May the Lord help your cousin because, at this point in her life He is the only one she can RELY on!
    luv u O!

  2. Love you bernie.. I know your right & good thing for your post. I was on the edge & about to x-men all the menz & become one nun. But an lds jp The mission office would've been get this crazy eternal "Madd Samoan RM" outta here. Angry spirit isn't the right spirit for this work.hahahaha eh but fo'reo thanks for your kind words. I just wish people would think before they act. And that post was so raw I had to keep from turning it into a rated r cut.. But needed to vent so I hear you about doing what it takes to refrain. hahaha Anyway hope you have a great day sis. Gotta get yo'blogs up sistah dear. So I can get a good laugh.. :) love ya

  3. LOL@ da lds nun! Hmmm, I almost became one of those 13yrs

  4. aww just read this and so sorry bout your sister and her husband. it really is scary. i remember when i was engaged and had so many of my friends having marital issues because their husbands were fooling around and i got really scared and discouraged about being married. but my bishop reminded me that where faith is fear cannot exist. and although it still is scary as i am married now i have no regrets and wouldn't want you either to risk not taking opportunities because of being scared. things will happen but with the Lord on your side everything wil work out. :) sorry so long just very opinionated about this subject. hehe. but don't get me wrong i dislike cheaters very very much!

  5. It's all good lee.. I'm a strong advocate of "Explain it! all of it!" just ask any of our laie family..hahaha So you never have to worry about the lengths of your comments. And yes this cousin/sistah of mine is holding her ground very well. She's my inspiration of what it means to jump back up & fight the good fight. Especially concerning this topic "cheaters". And I will be sure to take your advice of remaining totally faithful in the lord. I love learning from you "young marrys" and how to appreciate a spouse.. Love ya :)


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