Sunday, December 25, 2011

Drugs? Why Not!

I am on some real blogging overdose. I can not control myself & it's getting worse. It's funny but not funny at all. But before I get into all that :) my christmas eve dinner was amazing. Food was delicious, company was hilarious and everything was cleaned up & done before midnight. We celebrated with our moms side. The Tagaloa's/Ripley's and Suapaia's & I was grateful. To remember that life is amazing & complaining is a waste of energy. Two of my cousins wives are pregnant-Sarah Mataia & Po Tagaloa, my sister-in-law will be delivering her baby next month. So it's gonna be crazy around here. Am I baby hungry? Not so much but husband hungry.. Yeah.. just a little bit.. But it's all good. He's somewhere out there. :) My beautiful sister tina mapu will be serving her mission leaving feb 1, 2012. So we'll be Vegas bound and I can't wait. That was the great news for the week. I love my family, my Lord & Savior my only needed drug.. Nothing else to satisfy my soul. God is good... all the time!

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