Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Have Ye No Room

I've been on a writing frenze @ and I can't Christmas is coming up &  it still hasn't snowed.. And alot of heavy conversations with my sisters & remembering certain church talks recently has had me really thinking. Especially about the story about when Joseph & Mary when pregnant with Jesus was trying to find a place for her to have Baby Jesus. Then when they asked the innkeeper for space he unwisely turned him away. But if he had know it was a place for a destined king. The story goes onto point would he have made room. And so it's hit me. How much am I making room for the Lord in my life. I talk about him everyday and during any and every blog that I write. But how am I actually making room for him in my life? So those who don't know him will make room for him in theirs. It's just been on my mind constantly these past couple of days. I know that's one of the reasons I can't stop writing my poems. Feelings like water won't stop flowing. Well I'm out. Wish you all a very Happy Holiday with all the love I could muster! Take care & thanks for all the comments & visiting my blogs. Means the world to me :0) O

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