Friday, December 2, 2011

Positive Vibrations

Auntie Vena & Narnia
So we've been preparing for Auntie Vena Mapu-Finau's funeral here in Salt Lake City,Utah this week. I've been so grateful for the lessons I'm learning. From what she meant to people, her approach on life and the love she never stops giving. As we were plating and serving food I'd catch myself feeling "Man I want to be just like Auntie Vena." And because of her great testimony of family and gospel. She is my constant reminder to keep things simply honest, direct w/kindness & to give love fully. No matter what or who may act out in crudness,ignorance or craziness. Love them no anyway. For whatever personal issues that they may be dealing with in their lives. Love them anyway & never let them forget why you love them. Leaving them better than when you found them. Inspired to becoming the best they can be. I still have so much to work on in applying those lessons learned today. But I know if Auntie Vena can do it. Then there is no doubt that I can too.  I saw my favorite people today & can't wait to seeing more aiga,friends from Provo Stake & my ward Lehi FA'taha :) 
In celebration of a life that will never be forgotten.
Love you Auntie Vena!

Aunties last trip before entering into Heaven
Oakland Temple for my uso Alvins Wedding
along with my brother Kinga & my sis Narnia

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