Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Remember Me

Well I'm back and it almost feels like blogging isn't worth pursuing right now. Especially after all of the many things that I've learned this week. Participating in Auntie Ravena Mapu-Finau's funeral has been such an "eye-opening" experience. That blogging seems to feel so secondary to what I could be doing. But you all know I'm addicted lol So maybe it just won't be as excessive as before. We shall see..
Anyway the services for auntie was beautiful.
At the beginning of the week it felt so much was dragging. Then midweek Wednesday & Thrusday the pace seem to pick up &  the traffic in the house was non-stop busy. And all of a sudden it was Saturday & we were at auntie's viewing. Most of the time I was with my dear sister Crystal talking about everything and everyone..lol Good gossip I promise :) if there is such a thing. I had the opportunity to spend time with my dad. Who kinda took over with our "Mapu Night" when it came to sharing our love for auntie Vena. But we couldn't expect anything less from him and it shouldn't have been such a surprise to everyone. Though it wasn't approriate for whoever thought he might've been a crazy man singing countless songs. I stand as a proud daughter. Grateful for a man that I can call dad that can tap to his own beat both on the stage & in life. Who loves big & doesn't let anyone stand in his way in expressing that love.  And if people have a problem than they'll just have to deal with it.lol Like my sisterfren Tilila Paongo says "If dad gots it than he should flaunt it I love his voice."lol At least my pops had one outside of the family that didn't mind :) Anyway the night was filled with beautiful music & testimonies. 
Sina & Gwen Tuaitanu sang this song called "Remember Me" and they were amazing.
It was so fitting to the type of person my Auntie Vena was & is til this day. The Moleni Brother's sang after the Afo/Mapu Uncles, Lil'Leia sang the last slow dance Auntie Vena had with Alvin Utai. Tony,Gipper,KV,Leia,Ben,Soni and a few other boys sang "Mama" by Boyz II Men and that was Sunday. Us girl cousins sang Saturday Night "Heaven Needing A Hero" & later on a Maori song. And in between that Auntie Lusi Mapu sang "Dance with my Father" and a few other songs. It was just amazing at the talent & strength of testimony that was in the entire program. Through my cousins the Mapu-Finau Clan & what Auntie Vena taught me by word & deed. I will never forget and will always remember her & the legacy she's instill in all of us. I am so blessed with a great family. Heaven sure sent angels to us when he assigned me to be in this family. Priceless for sure!


  1. Sorry for your lose, thank goodness for forever :) Oh and life would cease to exist if you stopped blogging...LOL..Love you O! I'm finally back blogging also! Yay me!!! My prayers and love go to you and your family!

  2. Wish I would have made it out to the funeral, had some car issues...ugh! Love the tributes to Vena, she will definitely be missed! Love u sis!

  3. thanks sistah ane! Good to know you tried to make it out. Love you! Hope your doing ok! :)


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