Monday, December 12, 2011

Tell Me Something Good

You know that I'm a real blog junkie when I have this one, than one for my poems @ this one and then another for "my sisters" @ this one  
you can say I'm a bit crazy. But ask me to write a book & I'll be like hmmmm no thanks.hahahaha Anyway point is I'm baaaaaaaaaaaak to this blog and do I have some funny things to share. Or at least to me it's funny & so I hope you get a good laugh out of Well Friday til this morning I worked all 3-day 12hr shifts.. And man ol'man I wanted to die & sad to say complained about my aching feet & body the entire time. But good thing for the power of prayer I survived the ordeal. Funny story number #1 my friday night shift I didnt have to catch books like I usually do & send them through to shipping to get them processed. I got to make new friends in the calander dept. And to get the time to pass by faster. I'd ask all kinds of ppl a zillion questions. Well by the end of the shift this 39 yr old man by the name of Ed decided he'd visit me in my old area & during brakes. Which is cool but when becoming friends with a few of my african male co-workers. One by the name of Jacob 25 years old who is dead set on going out & thinks that I'm lying about not having a cell phone. And my second african friend that thinks he's a mack daddy tryna sound  all sexy & stuff when he's talking to me. My poor buddy Ed was feeling kinda cheated, which was pretty sad to witness. So with an aching body & laughing about these current events.
I couldn't help thinking to myself, man Heavenly Father is really really funny. Because I've been seeking companionship & trying to figure who he'd like me to be with for a long time. Even though I've begged him for certain people. And he turns around & gives me 1 palangi cowboy, two africans & a couple of eye-candy mexicans by the name of Mikey & Danny Boy. Who don't flirt at all but hella crack me up during our shifts. And again all I can do is laugh at what Heavenly Father has given me through these men. Feeling like this is a test for my pride. And on my part I have to remain super patient.
 That I follow the counsel my bro Alvin Uta'i gave me once. "Ova don't be that kind of girl, when a guy is nice to you that you'd automatically brush him off. Taking it as if he's hitting on you, when really he just might be treating you nice because he's just that, a nice guy." And when we had that conversation I thought, "Dang we (meaning people) oft times really do think too highly of ourselves. Sometimes as if we are truly god given gifts to the opposite gender." When in reality we should be respecting these people for even being kind enough to ever have admired us at all. Whether it's our looks, personalities or sense of humor whatever it is that would attract them to us. Instead being stuck on ourselves w/pride. Gratitude would be a better response.
 Alvin taught me that we shouldn't be so full of ourselves by his simple comment. And even though I'm not attracted to these men & am flattered at the attention they give me. I'm determine to befriend them & in a big way "GET OVER MYSELF" until my Heavenly Father sees it fit that my true love arrives.  What a great reality check ;)

Funny Story #2 so with all these updates about my love life & the lack of it. While spending time w/my sister that I told you all that got cheated on a few weeks ago. I learned so much from her when she came down & I got the whole story. I felt so bad for her & even though at times I wanted to kill her for going against what I advised her. I learned that marriage is hard work & it's not a blissful lala world all the time. I came to understand that when pride is in the way nothing grows from that emotion. But it truly does destory relationships. From this sister I came to understand that assuming a spouse's intention or motive will land anyone into a falsehood of things as they really are at the time. I know that through her experience if I ever want a healthy marriage I have to be willing to pick my battles & know what is petty & what is an absolute dealbreaker. Man if I could only have you pick at my brain everything she taught me. I promise you'd want to appreciate that your single & work on your weaknesses before you meet that special someone. And if your married the lessons I learned would teach you to appreciate your spouse more & stop knit picking at the small things that really don't matter. What my sister taught me was & is priceless & was my motivation to humble myself & try out LDS And that's the funny part about story #2... It just made sense to me when she was here that even if I don't ever go on a date w/any of these men or find my eternal spouse through this tool. The point of that matter is that I humbled myself and what I feel Heavenly Father is always trying to tell us through our lives. Is that if we would but listen to him through the people & the experiences he gives us. We would understand his will & way but when we don't listen then that's when we mess up. I'm tired of messing up. So I hope you all are feeling the same & use the tools & people God has given you to gain greater happiness.
Whether your single,married,divorced,have family or don't.. The greatest thing you can do is get over yourselves & just listen to the most reliable source man could ever have which is God. And with that said here's one of my most favorite poets. Hoping you all get to experience this kind of love in your lives. :) Click here BeN Falealili


  1. & ur funny stories. U better watch out before all those men @ your workplace start fighting over you! Stay alert because you don't wanna pass up that sweet opportunity when it arises!
    & your sister's situation? My heart goes out to her! Being married is hard in itself, then you add all that NONSENSE drama?! no matter what anyone says, no one person knows that kind of feeling til they are in that exact situation! Trust me, it is a sad place to be but, the Lord knows our hearts & what is best for us!

  2. Thanks sis your so right & that's why I had to pumpah pumpah my brakes on tryna to be a total Dr. Phil.. She's being super strong w/the assistance of prayer. So I know she'll make it through. She's a fighter.. Anyway about the Yah the saying goes the older the berry the sweeter the juice. In this case I'll still stick w/my milk choc coco.. Not to sweet & not to That was totally not a racist joke but it kinda sounded like it aye?lol That's what happens when the other half doesn't acome a running. Nonsense comes out of my Anyway but I am taking your counsel so I'll be sure not to overlook any worthy potentials.. BTW I watched "The help" yesterday.. I was tryna figure who you related too & I'd have to say it wasn't "Minnie" at all.hahahaha What did you say? Eat my shhhh!lol oka to funny.. Well sis til our next blog post. Harah for quick dates w/Q good for you guys.. Love ya


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