Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rainy Dayz

When it rain it surely does pour. Not just tribulations and trials but amazing blessings. It's just been almost a month into the New Year. And I feel like I'm on autopilot over everything. From family, to old friends that have returned,left and have me on pause in their lives to choir and church callings. The changes that constantly come have been a bit crazy but at the same time I am grateful. I've come to a realization that "force", "impatience" and "demands" never builds anything or anyone up. It's been a rude awakening that lesson but a much needed one to relearn. I've been especially grateful for the power of prayer and what a necessity it's been in my life so far. I just got called to serve as 1st Counselor in my family ward in our RS Society Presidency. And I felt and still feel a little overwhelmed but am excited about how I will grow in this calling. Coming from Young Womens in a sense I feel this is my "growing up" process. Preparing me even more for future calls. As a wife and mother & yet I'm more focused on the missionary aspect of this call. Especially since there'll be so many sisters, I will learn from  and get to build solid friendships. The most important will be with my own mother. Since we've needed something like this for years. When it rains it surely does pour.

This was the first song I ever lipsync to w/my sister teuila in Lake George NY. Where we use to do our summer shows at the tiki.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


There are many things I neglect but today I'm happy to say I'm improving.. And why to this Utah weather because for a while Mother Nature has neglected to give us snow. But today it's like having white christmas that we didn't get back in Dec. 2011.. Well this Friday brother Rocky is expecting his 3 son & we're excited. That's like the most news I've got for you all & just one quick experience to share.  Will there be a point? I don't really know but I hope you get something out of my rambling.

Recently I've been losing my inspiration for my passion of writing poems. I wanted to actually delete my blog "Freedom Writer's" because of my discouragement. But I think it was Thursday I wrote like 4 or 5 non-stop. Nothing mindblowing or what not but because I could feel my inspiration slipping. I kept writing and kept writing & eventually from Thursday til this moment of venting to you guys. I'm rekindling my fire for that passion. And I now see the point is don't give up on your passions. If you thought it (an idea) then you can do it (that idea) but you gotta stick with it (endure esp during the tough times) and I promise you will have strike of genius (and your fire will come back) and it'll be worth it because you didn't let the flame go out. Keep your PASSIONS ALIVE, PLAN IT & KEEP YOUR FEET & HANDS MOVING.. YOU CAN GET IT CAUSE IN YOUR MIND & HEART YOU ALREADY GOT IT!..  2012 The Year of the DOING NOT WILL DO.. :) Love you all!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Free Yourself!

I had the most amazing conversation with my cousin Justin Sua this past Tuesday. Talk about inspiring,motivating and moving hour of my life. (Check him out at
We talked about life,religion and goal setting. But the most important the great "follow through" on any goal I or any of us set. He helped me to put a "blueprint" over my goals  & to step up my game. There was a talk given awhile back title "Good,Better and Best." Well I kept bouncing back & forth in Good & Better. That in talking to justin he kicked me right into "Best Mode" and I'm pushing myself from thinking "2012 I will etc etc".. to "2012 I go slash I do etc etc."

For example I will take candy out of my diet! no no it's I do take candy out of my by the way baby greta is 218 pounds.. Pictures to prove it coming soon :) But at least I didn't gain right?hahahahaa anyway life is what it should be, I'm unemployed but won't be for long, my dashing knight is still blinded out there in the world without me & I'm still moving forward.

But I have my health, testimony, family, amazing friends & future friends to keep me grounded. And the love of an all powerful Heavenly Father that I can talk to & really hear his direction. I KNOW I AM BLESSSSSSSEEEEEDDD and I'm grateful.. Nothing else matters 2012 is a GREAT YEAR..

"Don't let yesterdays mistakes destory todays performance"-Justin Sua

I love you all make it a Miracle filled Day!

Saturday, January 14, 2012


I'm chilling with my sis Edna Aiono & our friend frankie. Friday the 13th yesterday was super hectic. But grateful for a brandnew start & that it's the weekend. I read this talk given by President Uchtdorf  click the link..

 My baby bro Rock's expecting his son David Afo in two weeks. 2012 is turning into be a busy one & I'm putting in work :) Enjoy my jam :)

Saturday, January 7, 2012


It's been a very interesting entrance into 2012 but I'm grateful for every moment. I'm currently employed by Stephen Gold. It's not a jewel store or trade gold in for cash type of company. We actually package women products. The type you see off cable informatials and in dollar stores. One of my favorite spanish names is "Esperanza" and so "Esperanza" has found her I am on a staff of six hispanic ladies. Maribella,Patty,Elise,Gloria,Marisella and Det.. They speak spanish all day & we listen to nothing but spanish music for eight hours. Its a bit like that sitcom outsource. Where the american supervisor goes to india to manage an indie call center. It's comedy that show very similar to my work place experience. Anyway I have alot of goals to complete this year. And the theme is "Roadtrips" so I can't wait. The first one off to Vegas to support my sister Tina Mapu who will be serving an LDS mission. Everything else to follow will be an adventure. My mantra for the year is to keep from saying "I want" but rather it'll be "I will".. For example "I want to write a song." but instead "I will write a song." already it's been an adrenaline rush by pushing me past my limits. I know it's made me more courageous and daring in living this way. I'm writing more, reading alot and thinking things out of what I really want. As for the dating scene it's still scarce and I've decide for real this To leave the dating websites alone and I'm not "husband hungry" anymore. I'm more hungry to make sure I'm prepared for the blessing. Especially with being emotionally unbalance in the last week or so. I know that a romantic relationship will happen when its suppose to & I'm no longer eager.. What a peace of mind that is :) Happy New Year enjoy my week's jam :)