Thursday, January 19, 2012

Free Yourself!

I had the most amazing conversation with my cousin Justin Sua this past Tuesday. Talk about inspiring,motivating and moving hour of my life. (Check him out at
We talked about life,religion and goal setting. But the most important the great "follow through" on any goal I or any of us set. He helped me to put a "blueprint" over my goals  & to step up my game. There was a talk given awhile back title "Good,Better and Best." Well I kept bouncing back & forth in Good & Better. That in talking to justin he kicked me right into "Best Mode" and I'm pushing myself from thinking "2012 I will etc etc".. to "2012 I go slash I do etc etc."

For example I will take candy out of my diet! no no it's I do take candy out of my by the way baby greta is 218 pounds.. Pictures to prove it coming soon :) But at least I didn't gain right?hahahahaa anyway life is what it should be, I'm unemployed but won't be for long, my dashing knight is still blinded out there in the world without me & I'm still moving forward.

But I have my health, testimony, family, amazing friends & future friends to keep me grounded. And the love of an all powerful Heavenly Father that I can talk to & really hear his direction. I KNOW I AM BLESSSSSSSEEEEEDDD and I'm grateful.. Nothing else matters 2012 is a GREAT YEAR..

"Don't let yesterdays mistakes destory todays performance"-Justin Sua

I love you all make it a Miracle filled Day!

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